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I think by now we are all wary of reading about
what to eat and what to avoid. All of us know that fruits and vegetables are
healthy diets, while fats, salt and sugar are a no-no. So where do we go from

This is from AFP:


[Scientists agree that a balanced quality diet
is key to good health, and most governments in past years have urged citizens to
adopt a daily diet of five portions of fruit and veg, and three each of dairy
products and starch, while cutting back fats, sugar and alcohol.

But researchers are in disagreement over
illnesses not directly related to nutrition, such as cancer, AIDS or
neurodegenerative diseases — though again all recommend a balanced

Among the thousands of studies on hand, one
European investigation concluded that eating fruit and vegetable fibre might
limit the risk of colorectal cancer.

Industrial — or processed — fats, already
known to be harmful for the cardiovascular system, could double the risk of
breast cancer while soybeans reduced the risk threefold.

But soybeans, which are rich in anti-oxydants
that help cells survive, could increase the risk of infertility.

Lycopene, the bright red anti-oxydant pigment
found in tomatoes and other red fruits, also was found by some researchers to
reduce the risk of cancer, but the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says
there is no solid proof for the claim.

But while fish are hailed for their omega-3, a
family of unsaturated fatty acids, fish are also rich in mercury and toxic PCBs,
or polychlorinated biphenyls.

“There are no good or bad foods,” said France’s
Afssa food security agency.

But eating five
fruit and veggies a day and little animal fat “is plain common sense”, said
oncologist Dominique Belpomme.]


Yes, plain common sense it is! Do we want to be
bogged down to the “scientific” researches telling us what to eat and what to
avoid? Don’t be surprised when they reverse their recommendations after
“further” studies of the subject. But worst is that quite often you read about
contrary reports on a specific item.

What the heck; for me I consume things in
moderation. The healthier stuff I take more, while the “dangerous” ones I try to
take less.

Each day I make my
own fruit juice with a table spoon of psyllium. Psyllium? What’s that. You can
Google “psyllium” and read about it. If you are not bothered to know now, then
wait for my write-up in a day or two.

Usually my fruits include pineapple, carrot,
tomato, orange, cucumber and occasionally ginger, potato, and celery. Why no
apple? Dearer than oranges !! I also take bitter gourd juice!! This is for
another purpose. Will tell you later.

To keep healthy just eating the right stuff is not
enough, as you know. Yes exercise. I practise Yoga, Tai Chi, and “3-1-2”. What
3-1-2 ? Not about that sex position at my age!! Rest assured it is not an
“adult” site. Click HERE:

So you think you will be healthy by doing the
above? I don’t think so.

got to have a healthy and relaxed mind. And if you are always happy, then it’s a
bonus!! This subject of the mind is easier to grasp if one is more spiritual. To
have a negative and resentful mind, is like adding poison to your food. So no
matter how good your food is , if you have a hateful mind, your food will be

The above is my
personal view. What do you think?