Bad Breath:

Bad breath is breath that has an unpleasant odor It’s also known as halitosis. This odor can occur from time to time, or it can be long lasting, depending on the cause. bad breath is usually caused by the breakdown of proteins by bacteria somewhere in the mouth. badbreath is not contagious, meaning you cannot catch it from someone else.chronibadbreath, known as Halitosis, does not come from the stomach. The only odor that comes from the stomach is when you burp. Food eaten such as garlic and spicy foods once absorbed into the body can release odor through the lungswhen you breathBad Breath

Bad Breath

Bad Breath Causes:

There are a number of causes of bad breath foremost among them being bacteria in the mouth, stomach and intestinal disturbances, bowel sluggishness, sinus or throat infections, and tobacco and alcohol use.

Bad Breath

Symptoms Bad Breath:

Some bad breath symptoms sour taste, metallic taste, post nasal drainage, halitotis, film on tongue, tongue film, dry mouth, yellow film.

Bad Breath

Bad Breath Remedies:

* Brush your teeth in the morning, in the evening, and after every meal, specially after consuming milk products, fish and meat.

* Wash the tongue with baking soda dissolved in warm water to reduce the acidity in your mouth making a less friendly environment for the bacteria to grow.

* Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

* Talk to your periodontist about gum and teeth problems that might be the cause of badbreath Rinse your mouth before sleeping with a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon added.

* Drink green tea. And it doesn’t hurt to swish it around in your mouth before you swallow it: it will kill the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

* Change your toothbrush every month. Bacteria build up on your brush and you are putting those bad ones back into your mouth every time you brush your teeth.

* Use mouthwash with high chlorophyll content.