Believe it or not, 8 in 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. Nearly all women make the common mistake – they wear a bra which is either too loose around the back or too small in the cups. If you select the cups that are too small then it compress the breasts and force them to swell out the sides and if you wear cups that are too big in size, it can pucker your breast. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or any working women, the important thing is that you need to feel comfortable from inside so that you can put your energy in your regular work schedule. Here is provided step-by-step info regarding how to measure breast cup size at home.
How Measure Breast Cup Size at Home?
Your body tends to change over time. As you gain or lose the weight or may exercise more or less, you likely have an effect on your bra size and it can change year to year. If you are wearing the wrong size, then you may experience discomfort, tight straps, a gap between your cups, etc. Remember that your Teenage Daughter must have perfect size at her starting point because any negligence on cup sizes will hammer the natural growth of her breasts and she will not feel comfortable at all.

Wearing the correct bra cup size is much vital for your appearance and personality. With a minor negligence on your part in choosing Bra size may distract your look and also can cause clothing to fit oddly. To give comfort and natural shape to your breast, you need to wear right cup size bra. With the help of a right tape measure, you can be able to measure yourself for the correct bra cup size at home.

Mainly, there are two parts to measure a bra’s size – one is the chest size which is also called the band size and the other is cup size. Bra comes in several sizes, but the perfect size of bra is combination of the chest sizes and cup sizes only. Usually, the chest or band size is shown in numbers like 32, 34, 36, etc. and the cups size is shown in the form of letters like AA, A, B, C, etc. So, only 32, 34, 36 do not give you exact measure but with 32 A or 34 B you can able to get better fit. In addition, you need to remain in perfect standing position and keep your shoulders and back comfortably straight. Always, be careful that which type of bra you have wore while taking measurements for bra size.

1. How to measure Band size?

  • At first, run the tape over your rib cage and directly under the bust.
  • Then, add 12.5 c.m. to the resulting measure.
  • Suppose your Chest width is 72.5 c.m. then bra size will be 72.5 + 12.5 = 85 c.m.
  • As most bra size available in the market are only in 80, 85, 90c.m. it must be divided with 5.
  • If measuring result is not divisible with 5 then add any figure from 0.5 to 2.5 c.m. so that it can be divided by 5.
  • For example: If the width of Chest is 75 c.m. then bra size becomes 75.0 + 12.5 = 87.5 + 2.5 = 90 c.m.

Alternative method of Band size:

Measure your tape over your rib cage directly under the bust. If you get measurement in odd number, then it is better to round down to the next even number for band size. As bras have tended to stretch over time and nearly all bras have a few sets of adjustable eyes and hooks, you can able to adjust the tightness.
You can also estimate your band size by running a tape across the top of your breast, under your arms and high on your back. It is easiest method as you don’t need to do any addition or any calculation. But it is less accurate than using the above measure method.

2. How to measure cup size?

  • Run the tape loosely across the bust or the fullest part of your breasts.
  • Afterwards, subtract your bra size from the bust measurement.
  • The difference between the measurement of the fullest part of the bust and of your bra size which you calculate is your cup-size.

For instance:

If your band measurement is 36″ and your bust measurement is 38″, the difference between both measurements is of two inches, so you need to select a B-cup for your bra size.

If your bra size is 90 c.m. and you measure 95 c.m. around your fullest bust part, then cup size is Bust size – Bra size = 95-90 = 5c.m. This also means B cup.

Table represents cup size as per the resulting difference:

Difference Cup Size
2.5 c.m. A size
5.0 c.m. B size
7.5 c.m. C size
10.0 c.m. D size

You can directly put figure in given link and get ready for calculation of your bra size: