Your breast skin holds your breast tissue into position. However, your breasts may become saggy and less youthful looking once the supportive skin stretches out and the fat and tissue within the breast decrease in volume. There is no foolproof method of fully erasing the appearance of saggy breasts, but you may be able to take some steps to tone the underlying muscle or at least make your breast area look tighter.


Lie face-up on an exercise bench or exercise ball to do chest fly exercises. Because your breasts contain mostly fatty tissue and no muscle, they won’t change shape or size directly through exercise. However, doing exercises such as chest flys can help work your pectoralis major muscle to hold your breasts higher. Begin chest fly exercises by holding a weight in each of your hands, keeping your palms facing in and elbows bent. Extend your arms away from your sides until your elbows drop slightly below your shoulder level, then raise your arms up over your chest so that they meet 1 to 2 inches apart from each other. Repeat 10 to 15 times and do three sets.


Get on your hands and knees on the floor. Raise your knees off the floor and extend your body so that you are resting your weight on your hands and the balls of your feet. Your body should look like a flat plank of wood in diagonal position. Keeping your hands about shoulder width apart and contracting your abdominal muscles, bend your arms to lower your body until your nose about reaches the ground, then raise back up. Work up to 15 repetitions. If you don’t yet have the strength to do a floor push-up, do the same maneuver standing up 18 inches from a wall by placing your hands on the wall and pushing toward the wall and back.


Wear a supportive bra. Push-up bras, for example, use a supportive underwire and are padded with inserts that push the breasts upwards. Some push-up bras even use inserts such as water sacks or silicone for a similar texture to natural breasts. Although bras aren’t a permanent or true fix, they will at least improve your breasts’ appearance.


Consult a board-certified plastic surgeon for a breast lift surgery consultation if you want a dramatic change. During a breast lift, a plastic surgeon will strategically make incisions and cut away excess skin that causes breasts to sag. Depending on your desired results breast structure, the surgery may also involve inserting implants.