All of us dream for beautiful, lustrous hair that shines with health. Here’s how you can make your dream come true, and counter hair problems like grey, limp, oily or dandruff-ridden hair.

Baby Shampoo

Searching for the perfect shampoo? Often, if your hair is very oily, you may find that you need to shampoo more often. Some women need to shampoo daily or every alternate day to keep their hair looking oil-free, bouncy and beautiful. Not every shampoo however, is suitable for daily use, and overuse of some shampoos strip your hair of their natural, beneficial oils, causing damage in the long run. If you need to wash your hair very often, it would be best if you opt for a baby shampoo. These shampoos are incredibly mild, and will be gentle on your hair. In addition, baby shampoos cleanse well and get rid of residue on your hair.

Limp Hair

Often, oil in your hair causes it to look limp, so you may need to shampoo more often with baby shampoo. After shampooing, when hair is almost dry, use large, Velcro rollers roll hair. Blow dry hair for around five minutes and use a little hairspray on the roots. This will give your hair body. You could also bend over from the waist with your head hanging down, and brush your head back to front. Spray a little hairspray with your head still hanging down, and then stand up straight. Finger-comb your hair.

Try this recipe. After washing hair, mix three tablespoons of vinegar in one cup of water, and pour this over your hair as a final rinse (don’t rinse off.) This gets rid of buildup in your hair.


Vinegar works great for dandruff control as well. Mix vinegar and water in a half and half proportion. Apply this to your hair around ten minutes before you shampoo. Do this twice a week and say goodbye to dandruff.

Homemade Hairspray

Smash half an orange and mix it with 3 glasses of water. Boil this mixture until half the amount remains. Strain, pour the mixture in a spray bottle, and your hairspray is ready. If your hair is oily, use lemon instead of orange. Also, if you find the mixture too strong or heavy, the next time you make it use more water. Add an ounce of rubbing alcohol to preserve the mixture un-refrigerated. If you don’t know where you to buy some rubbing alcohol from, . After all, you don’t want to have to run to the refrigerator every time you need to apply hairspray, unless the refrigerator is in your bedroom! However, the mixture will just stay un-refrigerated for around 20 days. It is thus best that you make fresh hairspray on a regular basis.

Homemade Hair Colourant

Rinse your hair daily with black tea or black coffee. Black coffee however may not be suitable for dry hair. Pour the tea over your head again and again at least fifteen times, and then leave on for around fifteen minutes. Rinse with water. Within a few weeks your grey hair will start turning brown.