If your arms are not slender, when you raise up your hands, what can be seen is a large area of flabby flesh, making you look several times sturdier then you actually are. Try some yoga exercises to slim down your arms. Slender arms and a slender you start from a slimmer upper body.

The Triceps-Pull

1. In a kneeling position, bend both elbows with the hands crossed and hugging the rear of the head. Straighten the back and look forward.

2. Using the right hand, pull down the left hand so that the left arm is closely touching the head. Stop when you feel pain at the shoulder blade.

The Shoulder Twist

1. Bend both elbows with the fingers closed. Place the fingertips of each hand lightly on each shoulder; keep your chest out and stomach tucked in.

2. Turn both elbows so that the shoulders are turning in circles. Take note to stretch the muscles at the shoulder blades in the process. Repeat this action for 3 to 5 times.

The arm trimming style

1. Stretch the right arm upwards above the head, and then bend the left arm and hold onto the right elbow.

2. Lower the right arm towards the side keeping the left hand holding on to the right arm and maintain your posture.

3. Move the right arm back to pointing above the head, and then bend the right elbow. Hold the left elbow with the right hand and the right elbow with the left hand.

The Antenna style

1. In a kneeling position, hold your palms together in front of you with your chest out and stomach tucked in.

2. With your palms closed, stretch your hands out and tilt your head up. Tilt your upper back slightly backwards.

1.Clench your fists and continue to tilt your upper back backwards and stretch like when you are stretching your back when you are tired.

2. Put your hands down behind your back. With your palms turned outwards, hold your hands together. Face the front and keep your posture straight.