Scientists have recently submitted a preliminary report showed that if girls in their adolescent ages could cut down the intake of soft drinks and drink milk instead would provide slimming effect.

This is a result of a test for 323 girls in Hawaii between the age of 9 to 14 years old that as long as they drink milk every day. It had proved that they could lose weight by only taking half of daily intake recommended by The Food Guide Pyramid and reduce waist size. The U.S. Food Guide recommends that people should drink three glasses of milk a day.

Courtney, the nutritionist from Nova University of Hawaii stated that the results from the above research had shown that drinking milk can help keeping fit and maintain a slim body shape. At the same time, it can also maintain a stable weight. However, she had also reminded us that we should also get the balance of the intake of soft drinks at the same time when we focus on the benefit of milk diet.

There are researchers discovered that it can help reducing 0.9mm abdominal fat and 2 pounds of body weight by drinking a glass of milk or eat a small piece of cheese. Although the participants involved in the study were girls in their adolescent ages, Courtney Nova insisted that the effect of losing weight by drinking milk has also had the same effect on male.