Ginger Red tea diet is suitable to apply during the winter. Ginger tea can warm you up and help you to lose weight. On top of that, it is the sweetest care product. Drinking ginger tea can strengthen the function of body metabolism and thus increase the process of burning fat. It can also increase the excretion of waste accumulation which is caused by over-eating in the past. This is the principle of how ginger tea can help weight loss.

After dieting, the effect of weight loss can be lasted. The ginger within the ginger tea is rich in gingerol and this material can be increase the metabolism rate. In addition, it has also had a positive effect on the kidney operation. Red tea can keep the body warm and increase the rate of fat burning. 2-6 cups a day can help the elimination of edema obesity! It is good for perspiration and diuretic. A positive effect on edema!


Methods of Ginger red tea diet

Fresh ginger (You can use ginger powder instead if you cannot get hold of any fresh ginger. The effect is similar and it can be easier)
Red tea (It is of course recommended to use authentic red tea but you can use tea bags instead)
Brown sugar (The taste of fresh ginger tea may not be accepted by some people. Therefore, you can add some brown sugar to taste. It is fine to add brown sugar especially during the menstrual period. It is a good treat for those who suffer dysmenorrhea and drink it with brown sugar can relieve the discomfort.)

Ginger red tea diet on day 1

The first day is more important. Drink a cup of ginger tea first thing in the morning. It is a very easy method. Put the tea and ginger powder into a cup. It doesn’t matter how much ginger power that you put in. If the taste is unbearable then put less or add some brown sugar. If you feel there is a burning effect in the stomach, you should consider to reduce the amount of ginger that you put in and to heat the ginger tea up before drinking it! The effect will not be that strong if you have it warm. If you want to achieve the best results, then you should have it with an empty stomach. Finish the tea before having breakfast and try to eat vegetables for breakfast. For those who do not eat breakfast, you can drink a few cups of ginger tea. Have one during lunch and dinner. It is best to drink 1-6 cups a day.

Ginger tea weight loss diet on days 2-7:

Carrot + ginger tea diet (400ml)

You should avoid oily food during lunch! It is best to eat boiled vegetables. If you want to achieve a good result, you should then have fruit instead for dinner in the evening. Try not to eat 4 hours before bed time but you can drink water. By the end of day 2, you will find that your little belly became a bit soften and the excretion became easier. This is the effect of ginger tea weight loss diet. By day 6 and 7, you will immediately find yourself become slimmer. According to those who often go on this diet recommended that it could help lose between 5 to 11 pounds in 7 days. The most important thing is that the weight will not rebound. It is because this method did not focus on cut down the intake of food in order to lose weight but just mainly recommend having light foods.

Important notes for Ginger red tea diet:

Ginger tea weight loss diet is suitable for those whose body nature is categorized as cold. Their hands and feet easily get cold during the winter. It is also suitable for those who often suffer from constipation. Moreover, this ginger tea weight loss diet is ideal to implement during the coming winter. You will no longer worry about how to find a good way to lose weight during the winter.