Calories 50 Kcal / 100g

Back in years ago, there is a weight loss solution in place base on apple and it had once become extremely popular! Apple indeed is one of the most popular fruit in the fruit diet world. It is rich in Pectin and it helps intestines with toxin works well together. It hence speeds up the detox process as well as reducing the intake of calories. Beside, apple is rich in Potassium, it could help preventing the issue of leg swelling. If you chew a piece of apple slowly and let it slowly release the composition, it would give you a satisfaction of fullness and it is also low in calories.

Selection: When you choose an apple, you should pick the one that is big to medium size, thin and shinny on skin, crisp, sweet and juicy. No trace of any bits from insert or bumps.

Wash: Once the apple has been washed with clean water, add a bit of salt on the epidermis and then rub it back and forth with both hands. In this way, the dirt on the apple would be cleaned off. Clean it with water afterward, the apple is fresh and ready to be eaten.

Store: Apple should be stored in an low temperature but in humidity environment. You could put it in a plastic bag and stored it in a Refrigerator. Once the apple is cut open, it will turn brown due to the effect of oxidation. This problem could be sorted by putting it into salt water for about 15 minutes. Alternatively, add few drops of lemon juice on the cut surface, it would then stop it turns brown.

Tips: eat the apple including the skin.

The majority of pectin is gathering on the apple skin. Pectin could help bowel movement. It could also help the body to absorb fluid when diarrhea happens, hence increase the hardness of the bowel. If you have a constipation symptom, therefore, have the apple with the skin on. If diarrhea happens, increase the intake of apple skin will even have a better result.


Three days apple diet

【Method】 Eat Consecutively only apples for 3 days and do not eat any other fruits

【Effect】 lose 6 to 10 pounds

【Comments】 If you are really over-weight and would like to try this apple diet method for once only then it is impossible to achieve the result that you might expect. The best approach is to try this fruit diet method once every two months until body weight achieve the ideal level.

Apple contains quite a lot of potassium and not much sodium, therefore, it can reduce blood pressure. The pectin within an apple can lead to lower cholesterol. Apple contains flavonoids which can help reducing the incidence of coronary heart disease and prevent heart attack. Apple is very rich in antioxidants which can help reducing the chance of having cancer.

Base on the above facts, it proves that Apple is a kind of very healthy fruit. Have a think about it, if eat only apples and nothing else in 3 days and you can lose 3 to 5 kg in weight while maintaining healthy body, are you willing to try it?

The Basic knowledge of Apple diet

The benefit of eating apples to lose weight is that you do not have to starve. You could have as much apples as you like when you are hungry. Due to the fact that it is so low in calorie, therefore, its regardless to how much you eat them. You will never have more calories with apples than those other foods that you have it on a daily basis. Therefore, your weight would obviously be loss.

For those who eat apples for diet purpose will also improve their dry skin, allergic dermatitis, constipation and other symptoms.

Bear in mind that our appetite is controlled by the brain. When the central nervous system issued a signal of “need to eat, want to eat”, you will then become very greedy for food.

However, no matter how great the food is, you will get bored after eating it too much. For example, if you like cake but if the same type of cake that on offer after dinner are the same every day. Will you still have the desire to eat it?

Same theory, if you eat two apples in a go during the weight loss diet period, your brain will give you a signal that “your stomach is full’. Therefore, you will not actually eat too much apple and intake too much calories. You really should consider trying out this apple diet recipe.

If you cannot commit to a three days apple diet methods, you can start from one or two days. As long as you do it, there will be a result.

For example, you can implement this method one day in a week. Once you get used to, you can then try two days and then three days. For those who do not feel comfortable with it during the apple weight loss diet period, it best not to take this diet for more than three days in order to avoid central nervous system dysfunction and cause binge eating issue and increase weight even more than before the diet started.


Apple slimming diet recipt

1. Eat only apples for 3 days, do not eat fruits or any other foods.

2. You can eat apples by in the regular 3 meals a day, or eat as much as you like until full if you are hungry.

3. You can eat any kinds of apple but preferably red apple. Green apple is sour compare to red apple, it may stimulate the stomach.

4. The apples that you eat have to be fresh and the skin has to be washed properly in order to make sure the residual pesticides are completely removed.

5. During the 3 days diet, you could drink water or tea when you are thirsty. However, the tea that you drink has to be without irritation, such as mint tea, wheat tea, red tea, etc.

6. During the weight loss period, your stomach will be very sensitive. Therefore, try to avoid drinking beverages which contain caffeine such as tea, coffee, green tea, etc. in order to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

7. If there is constipation during apple weight loss diet period, you could have 1 or 2 table spoons of olive oil for the purpose of lubricating intestines. It can then help the excretion of toxins in the body.

After the 3 day apple weight loss diet, your stomach will become very tender and your sense of taste will be very sensitive. Your stomach will also become smaller. Therefore, you should avoid eating any spicy food.

On the fourth day, you should gradually restore your normal daily diet and should not eat a lot of food at once, especially not to eat snacks.

In short, when you resume the normal eating habit after the weight loss diet, you should choose the food which are light and do not eat too much. In this way, the result of weight loss will thus be consistent.

Having the apple weight loss diet is similar to have a total clean up for the digestive system.  If you are really over-weight and would like to try this apple weight loss diet for once in order to restore a fit body shape is impossible. It is best to try it once every two months until the body achieve the ideal weight.


5 Main reasons for Apple diet

1. Due to the reduction of the food intake, your stomach and digestive system can be rested and recovered. During the diet period, it gives the digestive system a rest and restores the original function due to the fact that you are eating less as well as having a regular diet.

2. Apple weight loss improve the performance of renal or gastrointestinal function. It helps the emissions from the body and purify blood. It can help the body to get rid of the gore (the old residual contamination of blood), stool (old manure), water poisoning (the cause of edema), your body thus become healthier.

3. Apple diet to reduce intake of calories the body and the gap will need to supply the body heat savings. Energy savings is the so-called body fat. Excess body fat consumed, people will naturally be thinner.

4. Obesities are often cause by eating too much of food so to cause a big stomach and cannot control their appetite. Apple weight loss diet can help shrinking the size of the stomach. Therefore, it would be easier to control appetite after the diet exercise. On top of that, the sense of taste will also become normal and you will not like spicy food or greasy food.

5. Apple weight loss diet can improve the the formation of leukocytes in the blood and can enhance the body’s resistance and immunity.  It could also improve the neurological and endocrine function at the same time and achieve a result of beauty and smooth skin.

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