Calories 91 kcal / 100g

Bananas is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, etc. It is particularly good for the digestive system, muscles strengthening and defecation. If those who often suffer constipation and dry skin condition, this fruit which could help you become thin and beautiful is definitely for you! Moreover, the main component of banana is carbohydrate which can be immediately digested and be quickly released for giving strength for the human body. On top of that, banana can give satiety to the stomach. You only need to eat one banana to fill your stomach. It is low in calories. Therefore, do not think it’s not good for weight loss diet only because of its sweetness.

Selection: Choose the banana with golden skin. The marks on the outer skin are not obvious. The body should be hypertrophy and blunt, smooth in the end and smell fruity.
Wash: Even for bananas, you also need to wash it thoroughly with water in order to make sure the pesticide residues on the skin are completely removed. It is particularly important to pay attention on the cleanliness while you are using banana to make juice.

Store: Keep the bananas in between 50F and 68F degree which is the most suitable temperature. If the temperature is too high then it might make the banana to be over-matured and hence lead to a change of color. If the temperature too low, it will lead to a bad effect due to the shifting of the temperature. Therefore, keep the bananas in a cool place on a hot day and wrap them in newspaper etc. during the cold weather. Mind you! Remember not to put them in the refrigerator!

Tips: Best not to eat banana with an empty stomach

In general speaking, bananas can be seen eaten as a meal but you should not eat too much in one go while you have an empty stomach. It is because banana contains a lot of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. For a normal human body, high intake of potassium and magnesium can cause imbalance of sodium and calcium within the body and is thus bad for health.


The truth of banana diet

Main principles of banana diet are for bowel cleaning and stomach satiety. There are mainly two aspects of banana diet. One is to take the advantage of its high in fiber so in order to help getting rid of the stools in the body. It can lubricate the role of the stomach and moisturize the colon. Another aspect for banana diet is that it can produce a more long lasting sense of satiety. Therefore, you will lose appetite between meals so to reduce the chance of eating snacks. In addition, eat a large amount of banana for breakfast will lead to a certain degree of diarrhea, stomach upset. The food that you have at lunch and dinner will also be rid out of the body. Your body will thus not be able to absorb the nutrients and calories well and the fat will also not be able to accumulate at the same time. For those who are Fat-type obesity or Edema-obesity can apply this method.

From the nutritional points of view, banana contains a large amount of dietary fiber which can help discharge of stool and to produce a sense of satiety to the human body. Therefore, banana is so often to be an ingredient of a fruit diet recipe. It will also reduce the temptation of eating other snacks. The high potassium within banana can help draining of the excess water store in the body so to prevent swelling. It thus makes you look slimmer.

However, banana diet might not work as it depends of the reasons that make you fat. Obesity is usually divided into three types: Edema obesity, Fat-type obesity and Muscle-type obesity. Fat-type obesities tend to have a high intake of fat foods for their daily diet. Therefore, banana diet can help cleaning up the stomach due to the fact that banana is rich in dietary fiber. Banana also can bring satiety and has the effect that makes you not liking to eat fat foods. Therefore, it is good for weight loss.  Edema obesities can discharge excess water stored in the body due to the fact that banana is rich in potassium. It hence achieves be able to lose weight loss. For those who have diabetes, however, should avoid eating bananas due to the fact that banana is high in fructose. 500 grams of banana should be the maximum that they should eat each time.


Banana diet recipes

Banana salad
It is a very simple recipe. Cut the banana into small pieces and mix them with salad dressing. Put them into the refrigerator to chill for a while.  A sweet and delightful banana dishes is ready to serve, as simple as that! If you think it is a bit plain by having bananas only, you can add some apples, pineapple or any other fruits to live it up. It is all depending what you have in hand.
Banana ice yogurt

The main ingredient for this recipe are bananas and yogurt. The difference is that you will wipe yogurt around the bananas, ideally wipe them with a thicker layer of yogurt and then put them into the freezer for around 3 or 4 hours before taking them out. There you are… a yummy banana yogurt ice cream is now ready to serve! Let’s give it a name – Ice banana yogurt.
Banana honey dip – fast way to lose weight
Banana is rich in dietary fiber which can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and help excretion. If you eat nothing but only bananas with a dip of honey, your intake of calories will be certainly lower than having normal meals. It thus will make you lose weight. Due to such a rapid loss in weight, however, your body might often cannot adjust the change and hence cause an adverse reaction. If you depend on bananas for a long term diet then your body will be result in lack in protein, minerals and other nutrients. Your body will give you a hazard warning soon.

Banana and cheese slimming diet

Expected result: Lose 4 -6 pounds in 3 days

Theory: Clear the digestive system and low in calories

Brief of recipe: Only apply it once a month. Maximum 3 days each. You can only drink water, eat cheese or boiled vegetables while hungry. The cheese that you should eat should be low fat or original flavor.

Banana Breakfast: A banana and a cup of cheese with a glass of mineral water

Banana lunch: A banana and two cup of cheese with a glass of mineral water

Banana dinner: A banana and two cup of cheese with a glass of mineral water

The truth: This menu is a lack of nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, etc. if you don’t implement it more than 3 days then it’s will not have any serious harm to the body. For having bananas and cheese for breakfast is quite alright for the principle of health. In fact, original cheese is not particularly low in fat, therefore, the cheese that you should choose should be low- fat or non-fat cheese.  It is lower fat and in cholesterol, it contains the same amount of protein and calcium as original cheese.


Experts do not recommend the following banana diet methods

Having a long-term banana diet will harm the heart and kidneys
If you only have bananas with water for breakfast is no harm for health. However, it will cause diarrhea if you have too much of it with an empty stomach. If diarrhea happens often in a long run, it will disrupt the normal operation of the intestine and thus cause a series of illness.
Besides, banana is very high in fiber. If you have it with an empty stomach, it will then accelerate gastrointestinal motility and increase the rate of blood circulation. It will then increase the burden of the heart and thus lead to myocardial infarction in a long run. In addition, for those who are suffering from chronic, acute nephritis and kidney disease should avoid eating bananas.


Apply banana diet on breakfast only and with normal diet for lunch and dinner is not an ideal approach

The absorption of nutrients is not enough if you only have a few bananas with water for breakfast. Nutritionists recommend that the intake of breakfast should be 30% of total intake in a day. It is because there is long time gap between dinner and breakfast. Your body should absorb enough nutritional supplements in order to have enough energy to operate any activities during the entire morning. Therefore, breakfast should contain carbohydrates, high-quality protein, rich in fiber and other nutrients. Ideally, you should have a high variety of food instead of only one kind. Only have banana with water for a long term, it lead to nutritional imbalance and will also weaken your stomach or causing stomach disorder which may result a difficulty of absorbing good nutrition from food in the future.


Banana is high calories , eat too much can be fat.

Bananas in fact are high in calories among a lot of fruit. One banana is about 148 calories in average. You will certainly put weight on if you eat a lot of it. A female clerk works in the office requires about 1300 kcal a day. If she eats 9 bananas a day of an average of 3 bananas per meal, it will then lead to more than her required intake of a day. If she does not even do any exercise, she will definitely put on weight.

The main purpose of having bananas in most of the weight loss diet recipe is due to the fact that it is rich in dietary fiber which can give satiety to the stomach. At the same time, the intake of carbohydrates food products within the diet menu will also be reduced. It is because of fructose is categorized as a kind of carbohydrates. As long as the daily intake of carbohydrates does not excess the normal amount and the total intake of calories does not excess the total calories consumed, you will be able to lose weight. (The total calories of those diet menus normally would not be more than 1200