Calories 35.3 kcal / 100g

The acid within the grapefruit helps to increase the amount of acid that our stomach produces. It accelerates the digestion process and hence nutrition could be absorbed easily. The reason of grapefruit to be one of the most popular fruit diet in the diet world is it is rich in vitamin C, one grapefruit contains 100mg of vitamin C, it prevents fatigue and improves the condition of skin! Most importantly, it contains very less sugar. The richness in vitamin C would be the best supplement for the body during the diet period. A lot of girl dislikes the taste of sour in grapefruit. My tip is to add a few drops of honey onto the grapefruit. It will immediately reduce the sourness.

Selection: the heavier the grapefruit is, the richer in water.

Tips: contraindication of eating grapefruit
First of all, patients have cold deficiency in health, lower blood pressure and ‘cold stomach illness’ are not suitable to eat grapefruit. Secondly, do not eat grapefruit before taking any medicine for angina, low blood pressure, low blood fat, anti-histamine, etc. It is because grapefruit contains flavone which could inhibit the metabolism of the drug for liver issues, it would enhance the efficacy of the drug and lead to dangerous. For the safe side, therefore, it should wait for at least 2 hours after taking the medicine before eating grapefruit. Finally, Grapefruit is high in potassium, patients with uremia and dialysis should try not to eat it in order to avoid adding any more burdens onto the kidneys.


Grapefruit Diet: The scientific study

According to an online report of “New Scientist” magazine, A 3 months study by the US Scripps Nutrition and Metabolism Research Center which involved 100 obese adults have shown that you could lose an average of 3.6 pounds if they ate half of a grapefruit with each of their normal 3 daily meals. The best result could achieve losing up to 10 pounds. In the opposite test, those had similar food on the normal 3 daily meals but did not eat any grapefruit had only lost 0.5 pounds. In addition, it could achieve a good result by drinking grapefruit juice, can be lost an average of 3.3 pounds.


How is grapefruit diet works?

By measuring the glucose levels has showed that reason of losing weight may cause by decreased insulin levels. For normal people, after they have eaten foods that tend to cause the increase of blood glucose, it will accelerate the secretion of insulin. Insulin is a source that could enhance the ability of the body to easily absorb glucose and convert it into fat. Therefore, you must avoid increasing the secretion of insulin level in order to lose weight.

Grapefruit is categorized as a kind of food that is low in insulin. The enzyme within the grapefruit has an “impact” to the way th