Skin Protector from UV Rays – Probably not many of us who know in depth the benefits of grapes. Besides the sweet taste, the fruit is known for containing many polyphenolic compounds and resveratol are active in a variety of body metabolism.

Wine, Skin Protector from UV Rays

However, recently researchers at the University of Barcelona and the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) found one more benefit of the grapes. They claim, certain compounds present in wine may protect the skin from radiation exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The study found that the substances contained in wine can reduce the level of cell damage on the skin from sun radiation can cause skin cancer. As is known, exposed to UV rays will turn the skin or reactive oxygen species (ROS) which cause oxidation of macromolecules on DNA and lipids. So, will ultimately enable the reaction of certain enzymes that cause cell death.

The researchers observed that certain polyphenolic substances, extracted from grapes, may inhibit the formation of ROS epidermal cells that have been exposed to long wave (UVA) and medium wave (UVB). Based on these studies, investigators eventually concluded that the polyphenol compounds can help protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

According to researchers, a number of skin care cosmetic products already make use of wine as a base material of manufacture, but they do not fully understand how processing. The researchers hope these findings will continue to be developed so the future efficacy of the grapes can be more utilized.