It can be very frustrating to hop out of the shower with your fingers crossed, paying for some sexy bouncy hair, only to find that your hair have gone all frizzy, or worse, you have a chunk of hair in your hand. Sure, it can be a little difficult to manage curls but straightening them or wearing costume wigsis no solution. Marvel in your gifted distinctive hair and thank almighty that you are not like others with boring straight hair. Find listed below some effective tips by famed stylists to tame your curls:

  1. You rush to buy the newest shampoo that speaks so extravagantly of its benefits. But, despite all advertising, curly hair needs good shampoo. You must wash it every day so as not to freshen it up and give it the required moisture. This is essential to give it back its bounce. Hair stylist O’ Connor recommends Shampoo and Conditioner from Suave Professionals Healthy Curls for smooth and moisturized hair. A good shampoo will have the requisite PH levels that do not dry hair. It is also recommended to use shampoos rich in moisture and a similar conditioner.
  2. To keep your hair in good condition, get it cut property. Hairstylists recommend that hair should be kept long as short layered hair shrinks to a round shape. A short hairstyle with curls will make it look too short. A cut that works with all shapes of faces is A-Line cut that frames the face. In this type of cut the layers are kept long. If you wish for a short hair cut, then choose one that frames your face.
  3. A day after washing your hair, it hangs limps. Pump your hair with a spray gel and mousse. Start working at the roots and work down towards the tips. Use spray gel if you have medium length hair that is curly and scrunching mousse, if your hair is fine. Styling lotions are best for fine hair as they keep the hair light and give it shape too. Thicker hair requires gel to keep it manageable.
  4. Other styling products include using a hair cleansers and conditioners that are created for curly hair. Given below are a few hairstyling products that make hair look good.

(a) Use Healthy Curls Scrunching Mousse on damp hair to give it a natural bouncy form.
(b) A lightweight spray on curly hair holds them in place. Vibrant Shine Hairspray is one such
product that controls frizz.
(c) If your hair is not fine, use a combination of volume foam and styling crème. It is best to
apply it to damp hair and run it through to the ends. The scrunch your hair and let them

After all these products, it is best to touch it up at least once a day using Vibrant Shine Mist to keep the scrunch intact. It is essential to keep the moisture of the hair intact. Using products to trap the moisture in hair will keep it shining and bouncy and give you a great hair day.

Guest Post by Brenda Lyttle who is a fashion and beauty expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on latest clothing trends, accessories, beauty products online, and related topics. For makup, she is a firm believer in the goodness of Neutrogena products but insists that nothing beats the long-term benefits ofat-home beauty remedies.