– Take one tablespoon of un-boiled milk and dip cotton in the milk. Rub this cotton in circular movements all over your face and after 15 minutes, wash it with cold water.
– With a thick slice of unpeeled cucumber, rub it in circular motion all over the neck and facial areas. Subsequently, wash after 15 minutes.

– Before make up, diluted buttermilk can be dabbed on the face and then gently wiped with moist cotton wool.

Notice that all these beauty tips for face should be for 15 minutes each. You can just spend half hour in morning and half at night by following two techniques both in the morning and at night.

You may also be worried for the pores on your skin. So thinly slice an apple and then leave them on your skin for 15 minutes. They may soak up the extra oil and subsequently clog the pores up. So follow these beauty tips for face, and see your face glow just in a matter of few days!

By Erum Faysal