If you want to look beautiful – the natural way then here the top tips and tricks of the trade.


Balanced, healthy diet and plenty of water helps to keep you fresh, active and beautiful. Believe it or not, food plays an important role in the way our skin and hair look. Diet that is close to nature is more preferable than complex processed foods. Work on the roots and you will get amazing results- not just to look beautiful, but to feel healthier and more energetic.

Getting the right amount of sleep is also necessary for the beauty you crave. Sleeping too much or too little, both can affect your looks.

Exercise! That keeps the blood circulation going – reaching all parts of the body. When that happens, you feel fresh, relaxed and look beautiful.

Oiling, at least once a week will ensure that your hair receive the right amount of blood circulation they need. Olive oil or any oil you prefer may be used for the purpose. The main idea is the massage that will help you relax and will help nourish your hair. This will also help in treating hair affected by dandruff.

Exfoliate! Regularly exfoliating your skin will help keep it clean and clear. With just a little bit of attention to your skin, you can see wonderful changes in it. Keep it off heavy makeup most of the time, keep it moisturized, and exfoliate before going to sleep.

Use products that suit you! Whenever you go shopping for makeup, try to stick to organic products. Moreover, know your skin type, hair type and get moisturizers, foundations, shampoos etc that suit them in particular. If you oily skin, for example, get moisturizers that have a water base instead of oil based moisturizers.