8 big hoax fruit weight, lose weight need to be alert

Tip: the benefits of fruit, it seems that all lots to talk about: beauty can help digestion, add body needs nutrition. Many people are to lose weight by eating fruit that it is delicious, be full, but not too “nourishing.” Fruit into health, beauty, weight loss panacea. Really true – as you uncover the beauty of fruit weight loss, “eight prescriptions,” the truth.

Recipe 1: pineapple enzyme can beautify the skin, but also to help digest it -?

Pineapple is rich in vitamins B1, can promote the metabolism, elimination of fatigue, rich in dietary fiber, so to digest more smoothly. Eat pineapple, you can eat a meal, do not eat when the Stomach empty, otherwise the enzyme can easily be hurt.

Recipe 2: The market has a lemon vinegar, you can skincare -?

Lemon is rich in vitamins it can reduce freckles, dark spots of incidence, and some whitening effect. Lemon and vinegar also has a small break down fat meal drink effects to make themselves more beautiful slim indeed. However, the acidity of lemon and vinegar have a high fasting or drinking too much will Shang Wei.

Recipe 3: To lose weight quickly, dip bananas honey is very effective it -?

Bananas are rich in dietary fiber, can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and help excretion. If you eat nothing, only bananas honey dip, low-calorie meals than, naturally slim down. However, rapid weight loss in such a manner, often because the body did not adjust well and adverse reactions. If long-term by bananas for a living, the body lacks protein, minerals and other nutrients, slowly your body will issue hazard warnings.

Recipe 4: grapefruit instead of a meal of the day can help to lose weight?

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, sugar is not high, if eating a grapefruit instead of a meal, low calorie, of course, if other meals also control the heat properly, lose weight naturally over time. However, if your body is weak, eat a few slices of the best high-fiber crackers, because fasting may not stand against the acidity of the stomach caused by pain.

Recipe 5: continue to eat “Apple meal” can lose weight -?

Apple is a low-calorie high-nutrition fruits, because of this, many people used as a weight loss meal. You know, compared to Apple and general meals, low in calories and a lot, of course, lose weight, but the long run, nutritional imbalance will make the body too much, and once stopped, weight will slowly rise.

Recipe 6: nutritionists meal in the deployment of weight loss, guava and tomatoes are the only two to be included in the fruit? –

The spectrum of nutritionists to lose weight listed is based on each person’s body and needs to make adjustments, not static, with fruits also vary. So, definitely not the only guava and tomatoes will be included in the diet menu.

Recipe 7: eating avocados can achieve the perfect weight-loss effects, or -?

Avocado contains a large number of unsaturated fatty acids, easy satiety, short-term to lose weight, there is indeed a slimming effect, but not immediately after the return to normal diet, the stomach will have a meet or smooth the situation. In addition, although avocado is a vegetable fat containing, if you eat too much, the accumulated heat is also very impressive.

Recipe 8: breast you can eat wood -?

There is no basis for this argument. In addition to genetic factors, congenital and acquired developmental nutrition, eating papaya to larger breasts, is unlikely to do. Touches papaya for postpartum women, there are indeed promote the efficacy of milk secretion.