Chinese foot weight loss, easy weight 10 kg

Chinese often say that places the foot through the body, can be found through the foot lesions Xiaobian below to share with everyone is a very simple way of Chinese thin, thin body through the feet to achieve the purpose, the following terms Look at this way it, simple and effective to help you quickly burn body fat. Weight is not easy to rebound.

1, foot massage

Feet close together so that friction between the smooth blood circulation, to be warm feet, they can burn fat in a short time to strengthen the body detoxification effect. Is lying in bed or on the floor, lift your feet firmly mutual friction, the friction if the hands at the same time better. Friction force is about 20 times as long as you can, about 2 minutes. This method also helps to sleep.

2, walking barefoot

The biggest advantages of this method is the opportunity to get exercise palm, palm is an important part of maintaining body balance, walking as far as possible be stimulated palm, try to take the gravel road, or at home preparing a mat with rounded protuberances. Five fingers separatist movement is a major advantage of walking barefoot, in order to lose weight and physical health, let your legs as much as possible at home, freed from the socks, barefoot walking. Adhere to 2 minutes.

3, rubbing toes

Rub toes not only thin, but also enhance the role of memory. Can use both hands, grasp the big toe feet, rubbing in circular, rubbing several times a day, every 2 minutes, you can rub their hands in circular motion to the outside of the small toe, the memory associated with the cerebellum, and small toe reflex is the cerebellum, so rub the little toe can help enhance memory. Knead 2 minutes.

4, foot percussion

Every night before going to bed with his fist percussion feet, can eliminate the day’s fatigue, promote blood circulation is enhanced detoxification organs, blood vessels of the excretory function to smooth and speed up fat burning speed. Li is the right foot as the center square, rhythmic carried out to a little pain for the degree, each about 100 feet, exercise completed about 2 minutes.

5, legs shaking

Poor blood circulation occurs visceral dysfunction and the phenomenon of endocrine disorders, there will not be immediately removed the physical toxins, metabolic fat accumulation caused by too slow, there obesity. Simple foot local stimulation can promote blood circulation, speed up the metabolic rate. Lying in bed or on the floor, let your feet in the air and shaking, and then, like riding a bicycle to rotate your feet. 2 minutes, the province immediately smooth blood circulation, burn fat and help improve sleep.