Experts tell you to drink plenty of beautiful slender waist fast

Want to have a beautiful waistline thin it? Remember these rules and tips that can help you within 12 hours of waist circumference reduction of 3 cm or more quickly, so you Christmas or New Year’s party in the distribution on the charm.

1, drink plenty of water, drink less soda.
Carbonated drinks and those high-sugar drinks make your belly bulging like a balloon.

2, do not eat French fries.
Salt will retain water, especially before the menstrual period. Pressure and canned foods also contain high sodium foods.

3, let your chin rest, do not have chewing gum.
Chewing gum makes you swallow too much air, so the stomach will swell and bulge.

4, if you feel defecation flow, and drink coffee.
A cup or two cups of coffee to help purge.

5, underwear recoil.
Corset lingerie, high waist panty or athletic, you can thin people look an inch or more. Underwear recoil effect, however, the excess fat in tight underwear will come out, so avoid wearing tight underwear.

6, select the most suitable for your dress now.
Do not consider the size, no one will see you dress label, but if your clothes too tight, you will be exposed belly flesh. Therefore, the best part of their body should be displayed to attract people’s attention, shifting attention from the transfer of your fat belly open. Arms beautiful? It wearing a sleeveless dress. Leg symmetry? Then wear a miniskirt. A charming shoulder? It is fine to wear a harness or simply no tape coat.

7, the color of your piercing.
No matter what color, to let it show in your body glory. Uniform color (same color) dress with, such as T-shirt, skirt or trousers and shoes are the same color, it will show the effect of the body is elongated.

8, choose the fabric does not highlight the abdomen.
Silk, artificial silk, knitwear and sweater with rough surfaces usually have a good effect, make the stomach look flat.

9, do not forget to wear high heels.
When wearing high heels will show good results! You always remember to remind ourselves abdomen, and showing tall.

10, when the breath movement lift the shoulder.
Lower body pressure, so that the abdominal muscles to fully participate in sports – the abdominal muscles responsible for movement of the abdomen.