Five simple actions to eliminate lower body fat

STEP1: body slowly bent forward, legs together and pointed, upper body and lower body as much as possible close, hands touching the ground.

STEP2: a large step forward left leg, right leg, keep pointed, waist down, best upper body backward bending, switch legs alternately.

STEP3: lying on the ground, legs together and maintain a pointed, the use of hip strength, the best upper body backward bending, hand and legs by force.

STEP4: lying down, using the power of hip, lift the legs up, legs together and bent, try to move closer to the upper body.

STEP5: first lift the lower body using the power of the hip, and then slowly stretching upward, his hands supporting the waist, lift up until all of the body, legs close together upward.

TIPS: adhere to 2-3 times per week, 3-4 times to do each movement. Do this set of actions, the spirit should be concentrated, the action can not be too fast and in line with breathing. Action, we need to protect joints.