For 5 kinds of obese type TCM, the effect is remarkable

Chinese medicine reducing weight is opposite for more scientific, it will according to the different physical for different method reducing weight adjustment, below to see according to different situations obesity, TCM has taken method reducing weight is about, you can also on its own accordingly, recruit to the most suitable way, to let your weight loss in planning to blind.

1, pressure type obesity

Because the pressure caused by obesity also known as the liver fermented obesity. Stomach Stress liver (Chinese medicine “liver” in addition to have western medicine’s liver function, but also the central nervous system, nervous system, sports the function of nervous system) function descent. Or even affect the stomach, make stomach fever, appetite abnormal exuberant.

The main symptoms for: this type of person, the mood is a fidgety will appear a good appetite, headache, eyes congestion and other symptoms. Some girls, pressure, mood, tired of eating sweets, may say is fiercely’s typical of this kind.

Symptomatic medicine: this kind of obese people can take big entrapement soup. This kind of medicine has inhibit excessive reaction, eliminate stress restlessness, inhibit the role of digestive organ very excited.

2, anemia model fat

Scientific name for “hemopenia fat”. Blood is insufficient, because body basic function drops, metabolic function anomalies, and eventually lead to obesity.

The main symptoms for: appetite is normal, but the pubis full outstanding, hands fine but body fat, that is “to steal a fat”.

Symptomatic medicine: appropriate prescription for has four blood enriching functions are fifty-fifty. XiaoJian soup soup and content

3, fatigue model fat

This kind of fat person because of “qi” (simple said, is life energy) is insufficient, and cause digestive function drops, metabolic abnormalities, have inappetence, no serious eat but love snack tendency.

The main symptoms for: easily fatigue; Movement can love sweating, asthma; Afraid of the cold love cold; Fewer urine; Swollen YanPao etc.

Symptomatic medicine: sweet sand six sons soup. It has restored “qi”, increase digestive organ function, make body metabolization normal function. But the accumulation of unnecessary physical body combustion exhaling, achieve the result that reduce weight.

4, FeiPanXing overeating

As the name suggests, this kind of person that’s voracious “big diner”. Such people as will force a diet, can temporarily thin come down, but once control appetite, have will rebound back, and there will likely be more fat than ever before.

Actually, “is the common fault of the people who are battling a fire, so by taking medicine, can rise to eliminate fire, qingchang effectiveness. Meanwhile, weight will also mitigated.

Symptomatic medicine: this kind of obese people can take the holy fangfeng scattered. The agent of medicine can eliminate WeiHuo, restrain stimulated, and improve the function of the metabolic function, can will accumulate in body of redundant energy into scattered out. The bodily row

5, edema model fat

Also called “phlegmy wet intrinsic obesity” hip and thigh dropsy, called lower-body fat “. This is because the body is poor, the drainage function to teach the excess water in the body caused by obesity. Buildup

The main symptoms: general, but thumbs and appetite; to Don’t like to exercise; Eat a meal was feeble like to lie down; His mouth to be sticky; Urine impassability; Easy bad belly; Morning up eye dropsy, etc.

Symptomatic medicine: this kind of obese people can take the holy scattered and stomach fangfeng) soup. Have diuresis, the effect that reduce weight.