Waist before going to sleep super-effective weight-loss trick

Because the shape of the body shape, the key is to increase the body’s basal metabolic rate, increase muscle saturation, reduce fat and increase muscle simultaneously. Eating breakfast eat like emperors, like civilians, eat lunch, then eat dinner like a beggar, insist low-fat, low calorie diet; fitness areas with aerobic exercise will have to be excellent results.

This action of the wagging tail goldfish paraspinal muscle stimulation is very effective. Face down, hands crank, hand touching the forehead to control the body’s core strength, upper body and lower extremities simultaneously off the ground, control 2-3 seconds and then relax. You can also open or extend the arm forward with grip in the back of the body, can clearly feel the abdominal muscles and back muscles stretch tension.

Angled in yoga, this posture is known as right-angle, inspiratory time, control the body to bend forward, upper body and lower body at right angles, relative to grip with both hands extended to the top of the head, exhale, relax the body slowly, return to the upright state.

Minus Waist fat, waist is molded into the key.

Back flat, knees, feet flat on the ground, with a left ankle touch the right knee. The left hand placed on the head, elbows out, his right hand extended. Elevation in the right arm and pushing the body attached to the left knee slowly, Hanxiong (elbow always a straight line with the ears, head and neck do not bend forward), hold the position, then slowly relax. Then the other side to repeat the same action, so 4 groups 10-15.