To some of you these may seem a bit extreme, but I can assure you they work and not only that they are perfectly safe and healthy which is most important.  I’m not suggesting you continue with these particular strategies forever, but they will certainly kick start your fat loss.  If you do chose to continue though, you will only have faster and better results – it is completely safe and healthy to do so.

Lose Hip Fat FastTip 1: Fruit is Healthy BUT – Eat it before 4pm.  There’s so much confusion over this wonder food group.  Does is help you lose weight or does is make you gain weight?  Fruit is very healthy, however if you’re wanting to give your weight loss efforts a big boost, try limiting your fruit consumption to with your breakfast and morning snack and lunch.  Once you’re pastmidday stick to vegetables (raw or cooked) for your afternoon snack and evening meal.  Try raw carrot sticks or sliced bell peppers with almond butter for your afternoon snack.  When it comes to evening meal time, lean steak or a piece of salmon (or other oily fish such as tuna) or lean chicken breast over sautéed green vegetables and a salad on the side is perfect.  You won’t be missing your servings of fruit this way, but you’ll be getting them much earlier in the day.

Ways to Lose Hip FatTip 2: A Wedge of Lemon in your Water.  The liver can be seen as the fat burning organ so it’s essential to keep it operating at an optimal level.  Lemon is great for keeping the liver clear of toxins and therefore helping it to do its job properly.  Keeping clear of processed foods and other undesirables will help to keep your liver working well, but the addition of fresh lemon will make it really sparkle!  Keeping the bowel moving is also crucial for weight loss as if the food can’t make its way out, your weight loss efforts will be severely hampered.  Try adding a shake of cayenne pepper to your drinks to keep things moving.

Tip 3:  Cancel Dairy and Wheat for at Least 2 Weeks.  Whoa there!  How will I cope?!  This will get you the weight loss results you’ve been seeking though.  This really works.  Often without you realizing, dairy and wheat products cause an inflammatory response in your body and make it darn near impossible to move stubborn fat deposits from your body.  Where’s the dairy hiding??  Any cheeses or milk products should be avoided for a couple of weeks.  Believe it or not, eggs are fine and so is a little butter.  Neither of these will bring the fat burning to a halt.  As for wheat, if you think you can’t lose weight and want to really move things along in a hurry you will need to avoid most breads, pastas, crackers and cereals.  This is where the wheat is lurking.

Tip 4:  Cancel Grains for at Least 2 Weeks.  Sounds like I’m getting a bit carried away here but this is what I’ve found to really work.  If you’ve got a beach holiday planned in 2 weeks and the bikini doesn’t fit, or your wedding is just round the corner or you just want to burn the fat faster – go without grains until you reach your target weight.  This is not to say that grains in themselves are unhealthy – grains are healthy!  If you really want results fast sometimes you can speed up your weight loss by eliminating them.  In the grains department are quinoa, spelt, rice, oatmeal and millet.  All of them are healthy additions to an eating plan but a few weeks without will hugely improve your body’s ability to get rid of fat.

Before leaping for seriously dangerous fat burning supplements, try some of these strategies and stick to them.  Action the above tips and you walk onto the beach feeling great.

Diet Vs Exercise

To answer the question “Is exercise more important than diet for weight loss?” the answer is in fact that diet is far more important and will have a much more profound effect on your ability to lose weight than the amount of exercise you do.  Exercise has many benefits and you should try to do as much as possible, but it is mostly useless for fat loss (in spite of all the advertising for fitness machines to lose hip fat and belly fat that tells us otherwise).  What exercise will do is help to shape your body, lift your spirits and keep you feeling mentally and physically well.  If you’re interested in understanding more about this, read this article on why exercise won’t make you thin.

Lose Hip Fat? – The Spot Reduction Myth

Is it possible to say “I want to lose hip fat” and target that specific area?  I’ve titled this blog “lose hip fat fast” because the hips is the area I struggled with personally, but the reason for that is really my genetics (and poor eating choices overall).  To understand more about spot reduction and whether it’s possible read this post on spot reduction and see the video which explains everything.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.