Why Use An Exercise Ball to Strengthen Your Abdominals?

  1. #1: Comfort An exercise ball conforms to your back allowing you to exercise and flatten your abs without straining your back.

  2. #2: Easily Advance Your Exercises It’s simple to increase the difficulty of your exercises ** and ** you get the most benefit from each abs exercise you do.

  3. #3: Convenience Exercise from home where you have privacy, you can exercise anytime day or night ** and ** you save time driving to and from the gym to use their special abs equipment.Note: Exercise is important to get the abs you want, but exercise alone will leave you disappointed in your results. Why? Well, I’ve found a book that gives you all the details.


What Are People Saying About the
Abdominal Ball Exercises Workout??
Luv the abs workout…I had the ball, but wasn’t sure what to actually DO with it! Exercise machines make great clothes racks! This cheap ball is getting way more use than the long gone exercise bike….treadmill…
This abdominal ball exercises workout is awesome! Someone had given me an exercise ball to assist with my PT that I was going through after having knee surgery & now I am ready to use the ball to get back into shape. As I am unable to do strenuous exercises due to my knee problems, the exercise ball is a wonderful tool & your workouts are inspirational. Thank you so much. May God richly bless you for your kind & giving spirit.
I have been using the abs workout a bit here. I recently had back surgery so I am trying to get exercises for abs and back, so far it is awesome. Since I am on disability I cannot afford any training or plans so when I saw you had one for free I was very happy. Thanks a lot.
I just wanted to say that these exercises have been really great! I love using my exercise ball for a total body workout and these are some different ideas that help keep it fun (which is a big plus!) My Abs are going to be awesome by the summer!! I would love any ideas for utilizing the ball in other ways.
Thanks so much!!


Now that you know the benefits of using an exercise ball to strengthen your abs…

Learn the correct exercise ball size for you . . . And Let’s Get Started With Two Abdominal Ball Exercises!

Traditional Abs Crunch On A Ball

  • Your Position On The Ball
  • Sit in upright position on the ball with your feet flat on floor.
  • Walk feet forward allowing the ball to roll under your body until it is positioned on your lower to mid-back region.
  • Raise your hips slightly to create a “table top” position parallel to floor.
  • Place your hands across your chest. *Note* Your head should be in a neutral position with a space between your chin and chest.
  • Abdominal Ball Exercises

  • Target Muscles

  • Rectus Abdominal Muscles – known to many as your “six pack”
  • Step By Step Instructions

  • Sit in upright position on the ball with your feet flat on floor.
  • Leading with the chin and chest towards the ceiling, contract the abdominal muslces.
  • Raise shoulders up concentrating on using your abdominal muscles and *not* your neck or hip muscles.
  • Return to start position.
  • Beware of Cheating!

  • Remember to keep your head and back in a neutral position. Too much motion forward or backward of your head and back can cause injury.