Remedies For Cough

The basic and easiest natural remedy for cough is drinking piping hot turmeric milk. Turmeric is also helpful in treating throat inflammation.

Cut a lemon into half, sprinkle a mixture of salt and pepper powder and suck it. This will help in reducing intensity of cough.

One table spoon full of honey and white pepper powder can be consumed for 3 to 4 times in a day. This is also effective in reducing intensity of cough. Using honey is one of most effective home remedies for cough.

Take two glasses of water. Add ginger, pepper and turmeric to it. Keep boiling the mixture till the water reduces to half. Consuming this 2 to 3 times in a day will help to stop coughing.

Grapes serve as expectorants for toning of lungs, therefore, in case of common cold and cough, eating grapes regularly for some days is helpful to bring it into control.  Even the mixture of honey and grape juice is proven to be beneficial.

Traditional homemade remedy to stop coughing is consuming one table spoon of honey mixed with a pinch of turmeric and four to five drops of ginger juice. It is most beneficial if this mixture is consumed three to four times in a day.

During winter season, consuming garlic at dinner time, two times in a week will help in getting relief from cough. This is the simplest remedy for cough relief.

Frequent dry cough can even lead to headaches therefore trying to get rid of it as soon as possible would be beneficial. One of best home remedies for dry cough can be prepared by mixing a table spoon of cuscus grass with four table spoons of coconut milk and consuming it before going to bed will help in large extent.

Almonds are considered to be good home remedy for dry cough. Soak few almonds in water for some time so that its skin can be peeled off easily. Grind these peeled almonds with butter and sugar to make a fine paste. Consuming this paste in the morning and evening is a tasty treatment to stop coughing.