Highly Effective Yoga Exercises For Diabetes

yoga for diabetesDiabetes is a condition which hampers the growth pattern of the body by affecting the levels of production of energy. The condition of diabetes affects the functions of the pancreas thereby making them inefficient in producing the insulin which provides the energy to the body whenever required.

The worst part of diabetes is it can only be controlled but not fully treated. However, it is not easy to keep diabetes under control as it requires a lot of dedication and patience for the patient to watch his/her eating habits. Regular exercise is also important for the diabetic patient.

For people suffering from diabetes can effectively control their diabetes with the help of Yoga. There are many yoga postures which when followed by the diabetic patient can really help him/her in controlling diabetes to a large extent. This is mainly because; yoga promotes weight loss and boosts the production of insulin the body. It also helps to control the glucose levels in the blood.

For better results, the patient needs to keep an eye on whatever he/she consumes as well as practice the yoga postures on a regular basis. If you are wondering how you are going to control the diabetes then here are some yoga postures that will help you to do so.

Sun Salutation

This is a good yoga for diabetes. To practice this exercise you need to stand with your toes touching together with your heels apart. Move your thighs in the inward position and roll your shoulder blades towards the downward direction.

Allow your arms to rest at your side and place your palms in the forward direction. You can also raise your arms above your head and then lift the crown towards the ceiling. Doing this for at least 15 minutes in the morning can really help in diabetes.

Tree Pose

This is in fact one of the easiest yoga postures that you can practice to control yoga effectively. All you have to do is stand erect and raise your arms above your shoulders and join the palms of both the hands. Raise one of your legs and place on the thigh of the other leg and take some deep breaths. Stay in this position for at least fifteen minutes for better results.

Double Leg Poses

yoga exercises for diabetes

This is one of the most effective yoga postures for diabetic patients as it tones the pancreas and enhances their functions. To practice this posture you need to lay down on your back and then raise both your legs in the upward direction breathing deeply. While doing so rest your arms alongside your body and stay in the posture for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Fish Pose

Also known as Matsyasana, the fish pose is one of the effective yoga postures that can help you to control diabetes. All you have to do is lay on your back wit your legs close to each other. Relax and raise your neck until your chin faces the ceiling. Take some deep breathes and hold on the position for ten minutes. Rest your arms besides your body and relax. This posture also helps you to tone your spine and other vital organs of the body.

Stand Straight Leg Forward Pose

This is also a highly effective yoga posture for the diabetes. To practice this posture you need to stand straight with an erect position and then spread your legs apart as much as you can and is comfortable for you. Once done, bend your back towards the forward position with your head pointing the downward direction towards the floor. Hold this position for some time breathing deeply. This will not only help you to control diabetes by strengthening the functions of the pancreas but will also keep you away from experiencing any kind of back pain.

Easy Pose

yoga for diabetes

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Also known as Sukhasana, it is also one of the highly recommended yoga postures that can help you to control your diabetes. It is also simple and easy to perform. All you have to do is sit in Indian style with your feet placed above on either of your thighs and relax and take some few deep breathes. Doing this early in the morning everyday can bring some positive health results.

Anuloma Viloma

This is breathing yoga exercise which not only nourishes all the organs of the body by providing adequate oxygen but also provide you with a good mental health. To practice this exercise you need to breathe alternatively through each of your nostril. Do this early in the morning when there is fresh air in environment and when there is high content of oxygen in the air.


This is another breathing exercise in yoga that helps you to rejuvenate all your vital body organs. To practice this exercise you need to sit in Indian style with both your feet above each of your thigh. Close one nostril an inhale from the other whereas close the other nostril and exhale from the other. You need to practice this yoga exercise early in the morning to ensure that there is sufficient supply of oxygen to the vital organs of the body.

These were some of the highly effective yoga exercises for diabetes. Practicing these on a regular basis will not only help you to control your diabetic condition but will also lead to an overall good health and well-being. You will be able to attain a good physical as well mental health and will remain happy and cheerful all throughout the day.

However, it important to note that simply practicing these exercises will not help as you need to make some dietary changes as well as lifestyle changes to control your diabetes effectively. Say completely no to sweet foods and concentrate more on eating healthy foods such as vegetables and pulses and fresh fruits. If you have a habit of smoking or drinking then you will not be able to gain optimal results of these exercises thus it is essential that you give up these habits completely if you really want to keep your diabetes under control.