• Maida-1/2 kg
  • Sugar-750 gm
  • Water-2 cups
  • Milk-1/2 ltr
  • Coconut grated-1 cup
  • Bananas-6 (optional)
  • Dry fruits-25gm
  • Fennel seeds (Saunf) – 2 tsp
  • Green cardamom powder – 1 tsp
  • Oil to fryMethod:-
    1).Take maida in a bowl and mix milk in it by adding little by little. Mix mashed banana
    also if you like.
    2. Add fennel seeds and 1/2 tsp cardamom powder, and leave the batter aside to rest.
    3. Now to make sugar syrup, take sugar and water in a large vessel and bring it to boil,
    stirring continuously.
    4. Remove from heat and add rest of the cardamom powder and saffron, if desired. Set aside.
    5. Heat oil in a kadai and pour 1 small ladle of the batter, for frying.
    6. Fry the pua on both sides till golden brown.
    7. Take out the fried pua from oil and transfer to the sugar syrup immediately. Finish frying
    the rest of the puas in the same way.
    8. Take out syrup soaked puas or “Ras puas” from the sugar syrup, and serve hot.