Diet to Prevent Colon Cancer

stuffed salmon
Dr. Oz says one in 19 Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer at some point, and many aren’t taking any preventive measures. There are many foods to prevent colon cancer which you can include in your diet. Dr. Oz also mentions vitamin B6, baby aspirin and coffee as part of your diet to prevent colon cancer. Read on to find out why you should include the following foods in your diet.

Fish – In a large, 22 year study, men who ate fish five times a week had a 40% lower risk of colorectal cancer than men who didn’t. Salmon is your best bet because it has a high concentration of vitamin D which has been shown to be effective in preventing colon cancer.

Whole grains – More highly processed products made with refined flour can create a sluggish insulin response and make the environment in your colon more friendly to tumors.

Beans – and celery, radishes, cucumbers, peppers and onions, are high in flavonols, compounds that help prevent colon polyps. Studies show that diets high in flavonols were 76% less likely to be associated with recurring advanced-stage polyps.

Coffee – I was surprised to find coffee on the list of foods to prevent colon cancer but it seems coffee is a good source of chlorogenic acid., Chlorogenic acid is a compound believed to slow glucose absorption during digestion and it has been shown to help prevent colon cancer.

Sources of Vitamin B6 – Spinach, bananas, ready to eat cereal which 100% fortified, potatoes and chicken breasts are all good sources of vitamin B6 (National Institute of Health) If you get about 4 mg of B6 a day you can reduce your risk of colon cancer by up to 30%.

The last thing Dr. Oz recommends to add to your diet to prevent colon cancer is two baby aspirin per day. Apparently it can cut your risk as much as 40%. But ask your doctor first to make sure it won’t interfere with other medication.

Anything that helps your digestive system work better is going to help in some small way to prevent cancer. Taking a daily digestive supplement can help your digestive system work better and stay healthier. Gastronic Dr. is a natural product that promotes healthy digestion and encourages comfort after meals. A better balanced digestive system means less bouts of diarrhea and gas. The herbs used in Gastronic Dr. have been specifically selected and are suitable to use in conjunction with prescription and over-the-counter medication, if required. Click on the banner below to find out more about improving your digestive system naturally