Potential Cure for Baldness?

Stress linked to graying and hair loss.

U.S. researchers made an unexpected discovery that seems to restore and prevent hair loss. The experimental study injected a compound called astressin-B into mice to block a hormone called corticotrophin-releasing factor or CRF.  CRF is a stress-related hormone that’s linked to depigmentation (graying) and hair loss.

Astressin-B restored hair loss.

Of the mice treated with astressin-B, almost 100 percent grew all their hair back after it had fallen out under induced chronic stress. In another test, astressin-B kept the mice from going bald when injected at a younger age.  Astressin-B also triggered pigmentation in the skin and hair of the mice, so it’s possible there’s a potential to affect gray hair as well.

UCLA and the Salk institute have applied for a patent on the use of astressin-B for hair growth, so there may be hope for a cure for stress-related baldness in the future.

THR Tip: Studies show increasing evidence that chronic stress inhibits hair growth and decreases pigmentation.  So be sure to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise (try yoga!) per day to decompress.