Diaper rash is a form of inflammation of the skin or dermatitis of thighs and buttocks.
It could also be termed as an irritant dermatitis occurring between folds or juxtaposed surfaces of the skin, as between the buttocks, between the scrotum and the thigh.
It is also called as cutaneous eruption or skin eruption leading to inflammation and irritation.

Diaper rash affects babies and toddlers generally children who are yet to come out of their diaper phase in the growth cycle.

Diaper Rash Symptoms

Uncontrollable baby’s crying accompanied with concentrated itching on the buttocks area is the first symptom. Physically, it is quite easy to note the red marks at the hem of the diaper covered skin and the small dots or patches of irritated skin red or otherwise. It may be sporadic or totally concentrated all over the buttocks or related areas like the thighs and the folds there in depending on the intensity of the rash.


Friction caused by the diapers

Diaper rash is caused due to exposure to urine and feces in infants’ diapers. Attributed to ammonia formation; moisture, bacterial growth, and alkalinity may all induce lesions. The child’s skin is very sensitive and naturally the friction caused by the diapers could scrape and irritate the skin badly and results in redness and irritation. An allergy to a particular medicine, say, an antibiotic could also bring forth this rash.

Wet diapers should not be used

Diapers are used to cover the genitals and they invariably protect the area where the infection has a breeding ground therefore the diapers should be changed intermittently as often possible depending on the child’s toilet training and routine. Wet diapers are a strict no-no and once the area gets wet because of the child’s routine, then the area should be air-dried and if possible pat-dried. Care should be taken that the sweat pool does not form and accumulates under the diaper. If some medicine taken is found to show this allergic reaction steps should be taken to stop the medicine completely. Coconut oil is the best home ready source that could be used on the baby’s skin around the buttocks and it would destroy the budding rash efficiently.

Balance of breast milk and semi-solid foods

The diaper rash is usually caused by the feces and if the feces happen to be solids then the risk of the rash is high.
Breast-fed babies are less prone to this infection. A balance of breast milk and semi-solid foods or formula would go a long way in controlling this rash.

Use of shark liver oil or cod liver oil

If the rash seems totally abrasive and if it has a beefy red complexion to it, shark liver oil or cod liver oil should be a good solution. These can be applied to wade off this rash.