Antidepressants Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Anthony Gucciardi

pillsbluewhite2 210x131 Antidepressants Increase Breast Cancer RiskNew research finds that not only do antidepressants lead to autism, miscarriages, and suicidal thoughts, but they can also increase breast cancer risk in women. The researchers found that women who take an SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. The information is based off a meta-analysis of 61 separate studies on the subject.

NaturalNews reports:

An astounding 27 million Americans regularly use antidepressants- most of whom are women, the report said. In fact, women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with MDD – Major Depressive Disorder – and three times as likely to be diagnosed with other Dysthymic Disorder, a chronic type of depression in which a person’s moods are regularly low.

Worse, antidepressants are increasingly being prescribed for a host of other conditions including hot flashes, neuropathy, headaches, back pain and eating disorders. In fact, the report said, antidepressants are now the third-most prescribed medications, behind cholesterol-lowering drugs and painkillers.

That’s bad news for women, based on the meta-analysis findings regarding the higher incidence of breast cancer. But it’s also disturbing for women – and, more often, children as well – because of the increased risk to them posed by the dangerous effects of SSRI’s.

That class of drugs, “which disturb the brain’s chemistry, raising levels of serotonin, increase suicide and have been implicated in homicide cases,” said the AHRP report. “They are also linked to birth defects.”

And yet, it’s difficult to get the word out, mostly because of the medical establishment’s ties to Big Pharma and other beholden interests – a phenomenon the AHRP report acknowledges.

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