The festivities are back! But this season, you have vowed to ditch the saree and give the lehenga a pass. Instead, you opt for a smart kurti teamed with a churidaar. But how do you hide the flab that’s managed to come back in spite of weeks of planned eating? You don’t have to hide ’em! Here are yoga asanas that will give you a toned tummy, arms and legs you can flaunt in a fitted churidaar and kurti.

Asanas for Toned Abs

Naukasana and Katinaukasana
“Naukasana or the boat-pose gives you a strong torso as it works your core muscles and improves your posture too,” says Mumbai-based yoga expert, Deepika Mehta.

1. Lie down on your back
2. Raise your legs to a 45 degree angle
3. Raise your torso with your arms outstretched and try to reach your toes.
4. Hold for five- ten seconds. Do 10-12 repetitions.

“Katinaukasana works on your obliques or muscles on the sides of your torso and love handles,” says Bhavin Thakkar a Mumbai-based instructor of Bharat Thakur’s artistic yoga. This is simply a variation of the naukasana where you balance your neck with one palm and reach your left toe with your right hand and the vice-versa.

Ardhahalasana and Halasana

“Halasana and ardhahalasana tone your inner thigh along with your abdomen muscles,” says Bhavin.

1. Lie on your back.
2. Now, support your lower back with your palms and raise your feet so that it forms a 90 degree angle with the ground.
3. Hold for five-ten seconds and slowly come back to the original pose.

For Halasana, bend your feet over so that they reach behind your head. “If you are a first-timer, you may not be able to reach all the way. But don’t push yourself as mastering every yoga asana takes time,” says Bhavin.

For Toned Calves

1. Stand with your feet together.
2. Raise your arms above your head.
3. Keep your arms stretched and raise your toes as much as you can.
4. Hold the pose for up to ten seconds and relax.

Do eight-ten repetitions. “This pose stretches your entire body and is great for toning your calf muscles,” says Bhavin.

“This pose tones your thigh, calf muscles the muscles on your abdomen,” says Bhavin.

1. Sit with your legs stretched out.
2. Fold your right leg so that your right ankle rests on your left knee.
3. Now, reach out to your left toe with your right hand.
4. Repeat with your left leg. Do up to ten repetitions on each side.


“The veerabhadrasana or the warrior pose not just tones your thigh and calf muscles but helps fight fatigue too,” says Deepika.

Warrior Pose (Two and Three)
1. Stand with your feet up to 3 feet apart.
2. Turn your left foot slightly outwards.
3. Raise your arms so that they are parallel to the ground.
4 Twist your torso to the left and go down in a lunge.
5. Hold for ten seconds and return to original pose.
Do ten repetitions on each side.

For the warrior pose three, join your palms in a namaste and raise your arms above your head after step 4.

For Toned Arms
“Chaturangadandasana or the plank pose not just strengthens your arms, but strengthens your abdomen and pectoral muscles too,” says Deepika.

The Plank Pose
1. Lie on your stomach.
2. Slowly raise yourself so that you are balancing your body your toes and your palms.
3. Hold the pose for ten seconds and return to the original pose.

“You could also do a half plank – keep your elbows bent and hold for ten seconds,” says Deepika. Combine an upward facing dog with a plank and a downward facing dog for a strong torso and well toned arms, says.


Upward Facing Dog
1. Lie down on your stomach with your palms on either sides of your chest.
2. Now slowly raise your torso without tilting your head backwards.
3. Hold the pose for ten seconds and return to original position.

Do 10-12 repetitions.

Lie down on your stomach and with your palms stretched out, raise your pelvis to for a downward facing ‘V’. Hold for ten seconds and do up to 12 repetitions.

Tone yourself with these yoga poses and look great in a well-fitted churidaar. These yoga poses not only keep you fit, but will strengthen your muscles, improving your endurance.