We all know yoga is a great form of exercise for the body: stretching and toning your muscles with calm and powerful poses and relaxing breathing. Can the same principles be used above your neck to tone your face? The answer is “yes.” Our face muscles aren’t any different form the rest of our body, and face yoga is a great way to get a natural facelift without surgery, botox, or expensive creams. Try these face yoga tips to tone and refresh your face and to look naturally younger!

Yoga Journal ConferenceFace yoga is basically facial exercises and massage techniques used to tone the muscles on your face, giving you a nonsurgical and natural facelift. Working these muscles will make the face rejuvenated and tighter while boosting blood flow and circulation, which removes toxins and gives your complexion a healthy glow. You can also use face yoga to ease tension and relieve headaches.

The Lion Face

Looks funny but this move will relax your face muscles, release tension in the jaw, and really boost your circulation. Take a slow and deep breath in and, while doing this, constrict every muscle in your body, from your face and fists down to your toes, like you are scrunching yourself into a tight ball. Slowly exhale and relax all muscles and, at the same time, open your mouth big and stick out your tongue as far as you can. Repeat this three times and try to hold the pose for at least 30 seconds.

Twist Your face

Try doing various twisting motions with your whole body and, while in the pose, also twist your face to the same direction. Pucker your lips and lift your cheeks, imagine stretching your face as far as you can with the motion. This will help with muscle tone.

Smooth Wrinkles

With your knuckles, massage your forehead staring from the middle going towards the temples. Do this for a few minutes to smooth the skin, fight wrinkles, and ease headaches.

Pull Your Earlobes

To really boost blood flow to your face and get that glowing complexion, grab your earlobes from the middle and pull them to the sides four times. Grab your lower earlobes and pull them down four times. Do the same on the upper part, pulling upwards four times. Getting a natural facelift can really be this easy!