Natural Kidney Detox

Kidneys perform a very important function in the human body. They filter toxic chemicals and other impurities out of the blood and release them from the body. If the kidneys become unable to perform their function in the blood, very serious problems can occur beginning with inflammation or infection and ending with renal disease where the kidneys are permanently damaged. There are two supplements available today that help the kidneys and other organs of the body perform more efficiently. These supplements are Silapure Silica and Zeopure Zeolite.

Silica is an element found naturally in areas of the body such as the hair, nails and connective tissue. There is also a form of silica found in the earth. It can be found in foods such as rice, wheat, oats, strawberries and dark green vegetables, but lots of people do not eat enough of these kinds of foods to keep an adequate amount of silica in their bodies, especially as they get older.

Silica helps the human body repair itself and perform the way it should. It has also been shown to help bone fractures heal quicker. Silipure Silica contains 89% percent pure silica. That makes it one of the most natural, highest quality supplements available. Silapure Silica is the only product to combine organic silica and micro plant powder silica so that the benefits of both types can be obtained. Benefits of taking Silapure Silica include bone and joint strengthening, improved teeth and gum health, decreased hair loss and healthy looking skin.

Probably one of the biggest benefits of taking this supplement is that it helps the body absorb other vitamins and minerals such as calcium. As most people know, if calcium is not absorbed by the body, it can build up and cause kidney stones. Studies have also shown that Silapure Silica can help slow the effects of Alzheimers Disease by absorbing and eliminating aluminum from the body. Aluminum is suspected to be a cause of Alzheimers Disease. Silapure Silica also corrects abnormal cell growth and memory loss.

Zeopure Zeolite is another supplement that helps the body rid itself of heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. It is an all natural detoxifier containing only water and two zeolite minerals, Chabazite and Clinoptilolite. This supplement can be absorbed into the bloodstream and trap toxins until they can be released from the body. It also helps balance pH levels and regulate blood sugar. There are many other benefits of Zeopure Zeolite including the relief of some chronic illnesses, migraine headaches and certain mental disorders. It has been shown to be a remedy for colds, flu and other viruses. It absorbs free radicals which have been linked to cancer. It aids in the prevention of stomach cancer by preventing the build up of nitrosamines from processed meat in the stomach. Finally, it reduces acid reflux in the stomach.

Reducing the amount of toxic chemicals and other substances that the kidneys have to filter out of the body is a good way to keep them working properly. A kidney cleanse or detox program can help reduce the buildup of mineral deposits that may be left behind in the kidneys from time to time. These types of programs can be as simple as just eating fruits and vegetables for a period of time while using supplements such as Silapure Silica and Zeopure Zeolite to naturally cleanse the body or they can involve using mixtures of herbs in a detox formula. Silapure Silica and Zeopure Zeolite are two of the best supplements available today to improve the body’s performance and give people a renewed feeling of well-being that they may not have felt in a long time.