tips and recipes to make breast firm and plump

Healthy breasts, firm and plump is the desire of all women. Not infrequently a woman perform a variety of ways to get the ideal breast. began injecting silicone, medicines, clothes that can enlarge the breasts, and others.

while there are several natural and herbal recipes that do not leave any side effects. some recipes are as follows:

1. Ginger

there are 2 recipes of ginger which can be tried.

1. Ginger baked / burned, crushed, put into a glass of pure cow milk, beaten, left for 5 hours, then drink. Do 2 days
2. enter the two segments that have been peeled fresh ginger skin, into a hot glass of pure milk. Add one teaspoon of sugar. Drink at bedtime each day.

2. Long bean
8 string bean, ground, affixed to her nipples for 30 minutes to avoid

3. Pueraria Mirifica
Are plants that have been examined efficacy in tightening the breast. These plants, can restore the elasticity of youth networks, which makes the network grow so efficiently lift and tighten sagging breasts. This plant also has a hormone to stimulate breast growth. However, unfortunately these plants difficult to obtain.

4. Papaya
Papaya in trust by our forefathers long ago as the fruit that can tighten the breast. Enzyme in the papaya fruit can help breast growth, so more taut and supple. Papaya is also fortified with vitamin D hormone fasteners and female hormones that stimulate spending and stimulate the ovaries release the female hormone. Mammary gland of the hormone will be smooth and the ideal breast shape.

in addition to the herbal ingredients, enlarge breasts can also be done with massage techniques. way, stand facing the wall, press your palms against the wall, hold 10 seconds and then relax. Do this for 10 repetitions of this for 10 times.

Stand up and bend your arm dry on the elbows, try hand at hip. Try to touch your elbows together behind your back. Do it slowly and will stretch the muscle. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Perform up to 8 times.

The next exercise. Palms meet in front of the chest and press one another for 3-5 seconds. Do this repetition 8-10 times till.

If you are not able to pool, do it at home to strengthen the breast muscle. Stand up and get closer to the wall. Do movements such as swimming breaststroke. Perform slow movements 100 times

Perform this last step, stand up straight and place books in the head, walking for a few minutes and try the book did not fall. This will relax the muscles and provides an opportunity to rest.