Ayurvedic Diet for Heart Care

heart careHeart disease before the age of 80 is not God’s will but is due to our own fault’s. Heart has major role in our body system. In Ayurveda, heart is concerned not only through its physical value, but mental and spiritual also, thus the care of heart most important.

According is ancient Indian philosophy and Ayurveda, heart takes higher position not only by its anatomical and physiological but also by its mental and spiritual value.
In Ayurveda heart is seat of – Par ojas , Vyan vayu ,adhaka Pitta , Avalambak Kaph and Mana.

According is charak, heart has been mentioned as the seat of Consciousness. The human body consists of six component (four limb, trunk & head & neck), the Indriyas (Five Sensory organ along with their object), the wisdom, the mind and the soul – all of these dependent upon normal functioning of the heart

The ancient Indian Physician laid down basic principles for the maintenance of normal positive health and pronounced certain preventive measures against the cardiac aliments, they have laid stress on :

* Achaar – normal conduct
* Ahaar – diet
* Vyayaam – physical exercise
* Yoga – yoga.
Causes of heart disease in Ayurveda –
* Physical exertion
* Drastic & excessive purgation & enema.
* Anxiety.
* Fear
* Terror
* Faulty management of disorder.
* Suppression of vomiting & ama.
* Injury
Symptoms of Heart Disease :
* Abnormal Complexion.
* Fainting
* Fever due to Inflammatory heart disease.
* Cough
* Hiccough due to mitral Regurgitation or stenosis.
* Breathlessness.
* Distaste of mouth due to coronary insufficiency.
* Tendency of Emesis.
* Anorexia.
* Thirst
* Chest Pain
* Giddiness

Prevention of heart disease
Diet :
Protein – Normal in take of 50 – 60 gms.
Fat – Cholesterol is to kept in low limit. Avoid animal fat, pork, beef, meat, fats, Dairy product like cream butter, ghee.
Carbohydrate – Carbohydrate are responsible for endogenous Synthesis of cholesterol and triglycerides hence excessive is to be avoided.
Calories – Obesity burdens the heart. Reduction of calories help to lose weight.
Vitamin – Nicotinic acid reduces lipids in blood.
Adequate potassium & calcium in blood required to prevent arrhythimias
Miscellaneous : Smoking & alcohol are restricted.
Use less amount of salt (daily 2-3 gm)
Take food before three hour when going to sleep.
Take large amount of fibrous food like (Salads) High Roughage diet.
Take adequate amount of Garlic & Ginger because Garlic lowers the Cholesterol level & Ginger reduces the blood clot.
Morning walk upto 2-3 km.
“Sawashan” is very useful in heart disease.
Avoid the hostile life style.

Treatment of heart disease
The primary approch to health care in Ayurveda was the prevention one & then came the role of drugs. A combination of some herbal medicine is very useful in heart disease.

* Arjun (terminalia arjuna).
* Bramhi (bacopa monnieri)
* Jatamansi (nordostachys jatamansi)
* Guduchi (tinospora cardifolia)
* Punarnava (boerhavia diffusa)
* Yestimadhu (glycyrrhiza glabra)
* Kutki (picrorhiza kurroa)

Ayurvedic Remedy in Heart Disease

heart diseaseHeart problem generally begins after the age of 45 years. However presently we are living in polluted atmosphere and following irregular food habits, which are causing this disease even among young people. Initially chest pain begins, which remains till some time. If the pain persists for more than half an hour then it should be taken as an indication for Coronary Thrombosis caused due to the deposition of blood clots in the heart. Before beginning of the pain the person experiences restlessness and heaviness in chest.
Sometimes this pain begins without any kind of warning. This pain begins in heart, left side of heart and left hand and sometimes on the right side. Many times the pain spreads to neck, lower jaw, teeth and waist as well. There are many cases when the patient does not experience any pain at all and gasps for breathe. The patient feels stiffness in the chest. He feels pain while working, walking, climbing up the stairs; the stomach swells after eating food, or due to disorder in digestive system. The heartache begins due to mental anxiety or anger. The patients feel as if somebody had tied his heart with a rope. The stomach feels to be swollen, and the patient thinks it to be simple digestion related problems and tries to cure it. The risk of heart problem increases in winter season.
This disease can also take place when physical or mental work is done immediately after meals. Therefore one should take rest after meals. It is also suggested to avoid heavy, oily food, meat, coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, cigarette etc as all these things increase the risk of heart disease. Here some medicines are being suggested which strengthen the heart, make it healthy and disease free. You can use some medicines depending on the body constitution and tolerance.

Home Remedies:

1 Grind equal quantities of Arjuna chaal and Akarkara churna and take half spoon in case of discomfort, palpitation, pain, vibration and weakness.
1 Boil 20 to 25 gm each of Kulanjan, dry ginger powder and Akarkara in 400 ml water till it reduces to 100 ml and drink it.
1 Grind 10 gm fresh pomegranate leaves in 100 gm water, sieve and drink it twice daily in case of palpitation.
1 Take 20 to 25 ml of pomegranate juice daily in case of heart disease. Take dry pomegranate leaves churna with fresh water to control palpi- tation, blood impurities, leprosy, and discharge of vital humours, chronic wounds, and fever due to pitta, vata, and kapha.
1 In case of heartache, take three parts of dry raisin juice, one part honey and half part clove and take it for some days for relief.
1 If heart beat increases to 150 or more, take a glass of tomato juice with spoonful Arjuna chaal regularly for relief.
1 Take one-cup skimmed milk with spoonful Arjuna chaal powder twice daily to cure all heart diseases. This strengthens the heart and normalizes heartbeat.
1 Roast 20 gm wheat flour in ghee made with cow milk and add three gram Arjuna chaal and 40 gm sugar candy. Pour 100 gm boiling water and make halva eat it in case of heartache, restlessness, palpitation and other problems.
1 Cook wheat and Arjuna’s internal skin in goat and ghee made with cow milk, add sugar candy and honey and lick it for relief.
1 Four to six drops of Guldaudi extract or Gulkand normalizes heartbeat caused due to cold, it
strengthens the heart and brings cheerfulness.
1 Take one spoon honey everyday to strengthen heart. One spoon pure honey gives 200 calories.
1 Avoid non-vegetarian food, consumption of alcohol, smoking, tobacco, coffee and other such things. It is also advisable to reduce the intake of salt, hot spicy food, fried and heavy food, fast food and junk food like chocolates, burgers, pizzas, pastries, ice creams etc, besides fattening
things like ghee, butter, coconut oil, processed food, tinned food, milk products like sweets, cream, Rabadi etc should also be avoided.

Management by Yogasana and Pranayama :

Heart patients should practice pranayam and yoga asana for benefits. Nature therapy should be followed along with the practice of yoga. Kapalbhati, Anulom-vilom, Brahmari pranayam are very beneficial for heart patients. These are helpful in maintaining the overall health apart from heart.

Shashakasan: Regular practice of this asana works like natural massage for the heart. Hence it is
very beneficial for the heart patients. Along with this, it strengthens the intestines, liver, pancreas
and kidneys. It relieves mental diseases, stress, anger, irritability etc, it strengthens the uterus in women and reduces fat from stomach, waist and hips.

Mandookasana is very beneficial for the heart patients. It activates the pancreas and cures stomach disorders.

Shavasana is the best asana in case of mental stress, high blood pressure, heart diseases and insomnia. It relieves nervous weakness, tiredness and negative thinking. It gives complete rest to the body, mind, brain and soul.