Natural Cure for Sinus Infection

By Carolin

Eucalyptus has very strong medicinal benefits. One popular use is to clear sinus infection. Sinus infection can be especially disturbing at night.

You can make a homemade rub that clears your sinuses and helps them keep clear. It is very effective and smells great.

Unless you live in Australia you might not have a eucalyptus tree in your backyard. So where do you find eucalyptus leaves?

•    Buy a branch at your florist
•    Buy in a crafts store
•    Buy a tree to keep indoors
•    Go outside and find a tree. Eucalyptus grows practically all over the world.

The leaves stay fresh for about 6 months. Find a leave with a strong scent. The smell comes from the chemical eucalyptol that that is the substance that gives the leave its medicinal benefit.
Use the leaves for this  natural remedy.

Homemade Natural Decongestant


12 fresh eucalyptus leaves
10 g fresh ginger
Couple of twists of black pepper
200g Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or homemade moisturizing salve
20 drops of peppermint oil

  1. Chop the leaves and the ginger put in a glass container with lid. Add salve or Vaseline and pepper and let simmer over a pan of water of about an hour. Keep the lid on to make sure the goodness of the leaves says in the oil!
  2. With the help of the colander squeeze the now emerald green oil out of the leaves into the clean container that you would like to keep you rub in. Add the peppermint oil and let the salve set of a few minutes. The rub will keep for about one year.
  3. Carefully massage some of the rub on your chest or temples to ensure a good night’s sleep. Use it once a day for 7 days.

Always check of allergies first. Add salve to a small part of the skin. If you have no reaction after 24 hours you can use the remedy.

More uses for eucalyptus leaves:

  • They are a natural deodorizer, a prefect reason to get an indoor tree.
  • They ward off inspects and bugs even flees and cockroaches.
  • Put them in a chest drawer to add a scent to the clothes/ towels.
  • Make tea (1/4 – 1/2 teaspoonful per cup hot water, steep for 10 min) to help decongestion and bad breath.
  • Chop leaves and add to boiling water.  Inhale to clear sinuses.
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