Treat your skin to a home facial. The key is not to rush; the psychological effect of the relaxation is almost as important as the treatment itself. First do any little chores that might prey on your mind and stop your relaxing, then sit back and enjoy your beauty session.

Steps In A Home Facial

1. Cleanse the skin thorough with cotton wool and a gentle cleanser. Use strokes that go at right angles to any wrinkles up and down strokes on the forehand, Lateral movements around the lips, chin, and eyes.

2. Use a paper tissue to remove any cleanser that is left on your face.

3. Apply a skin toner to remove any traces of cleanser or grease, and to tighten the pores.

4 Have facial sauna. Fill a bowl with boiling water and make a herbal infusion. Camomile is soo- thin lavender purifying, comfrey healing, and rosemary stimulate .Put your head over the bowl, no nearer than 48 cm, and cover you head with a towel. Relax in the steam for five minutes at the most lf all this seems too complicated, soak a clean facecloth in hot water and hold it to your face for several minutes.

5. Remove any loosened black- heads with clean cotton wool, the sides of your fingers, or a special comedon extractor. Do not force blackheads; if they are stubborn; leave them until the next time.

6. Apply the appropriate mask for your skin type to the face and neck, and put cotton wool pads soaked in mild toner, over your eyes. Relax completely for 5·10 minutes while the mask does its work.

7. Remove the mask with cotton wool pads wrung in warm water.

8. If your skin feels tight or dry, apply a thin film of moisturizer.