Vision Myths Debunked, Protect Yours Eyes

Eyes are most precious organ of our body. Eyes adds vision to our life. Today many people have blindly accepted many vision related myths without thinking much on it. Following article tries to debunk Top 15 most common vision or eyesight related myths which are still prevalent in our society.

Vision Eyesight Myths

red square 1. Sitting close to the TV is bad for your Vision

There is no scientific evidence to support claim that sitting close to the TV is bad for your eyes. Sitting should be where it is most comfortable. The eyes may get tired at a near distance if the light in the room is too dim. Your eyes simply get tired but this doesn’t affect your vision. It is better to find a convenient position to enjoy watching television. Buying latest LCD TVs & PC Monitors are good choice for your eyes than older CRT technology.

red square 2. Reading in dark is bad for your Vision

Similar to the first myth, reading under dim light can cause fatigue in the eyes but can’t harm your vision. Still… Why cause an Eye fatigue? Enjoying reading and writing under a good source of light.

red square 3. Eye exercise improves your Eyesight

Eye exercise do relax your eye but can’t improve vision. Any more efforts is a waste of time and does not bring any good. It is recommended to live a physically active life and have a balanced diet for keeping your eyes healthy.

red square 4. LASIK Eye Operation Cures Eyesight

Lasik don’t cure eyesight permanently. Though painless it is still a risky operation and comes with heavy future side-effects. It is much better to continue wearing glasses or contact lenses than burning your sensitive eyes under a laser. I still don’t understand why doctors call Lasik, a safer option? Many people opt for LASIK operation to get rid of glasses as they believe this will boost their personality. It makes no sense to risk your precious natural eyesight just to boost personality. So stop fighting over it and remove the world ‘LASIK’ from your Life. If you still don’t want to compromise on natural vision and fashion then visit your nearest optical stores and ask for a stylish frame which suit your personality type. Stylish glasses looks attractive on most people, then why not wear them?

red square 5. Older persons eyesight improves, have second sight

Here ‘Second Sight’ means the ability of people to see better as they get older. The reason for this vision improvement is because the lens gets affected with respect to increasing cataract.

red square 6. Frequent Sex and Mastuurbation Causes blindness

Enjoying active sex life and mastuurbation don’t make you blind. If this was true entire world would be full of blind people and soon many of us from fear of turning blind would never have done sex nor talked about it. So friends just stop worrying on this myth. However sexually transmitted disease like Syphilis, if not treated, can lead to blindness, dementia and death.

red square 7. Contact lenses are better than Wearing Glasses

Wearing glasses is far safer option than using contact lenses. Glasses are not only cheaper but also easy to maintain than contact lenses. Glasses don’t stick on your eyes the way contact lenses do. Wearing and removing contact lenses is also a tedious and time consuming job.

red square 8. Blind people have a Sixth Sense and Extra Talent

Most people with perfect vision pay less attention to senses like sound, smell and touch in their daily activities. But in case of blind people since vision is completely lost they automatically start adopting, practicing and relying on other body senses. Since blind people are left with no choice they work harder to adopt these alternative senses. This is not a sixth sense else a result of determined hard work and continuous practice.

red square 9. There is no need to Check Eyesight before 40

Even if you don’t have any vision related problems it is still necessary to get your eyes checked regularly. Early diagnosis is better to treat any disease.
Today many eye diseases are treatable. Glaucoma, for example, can be checked early and it is one of those things that can hit you before forty.

red square 10. Doctors can transplant Entire Eye

It is yet not possible for any doctor in the world to make a full eye transplant. Eye is connected to the brain’s optic nerve. If eye is removed from a dead body then in case of full transplant this eye needs to be reconnected to patient’s brain optic nerve. Our medical science have not achieved this excellence yet. So full eye transplant sounds good only in fiction and movies. However eye parts like corneas can be transplanted.

red square 11. Scientists have created a Bionic Eye

Researchers have worked on a microchip to replace damaged retina cells in the central vision. Other scientists have tried to find out a way to connect the camera directly to the brain. Eyes and brain do not work as a video camera and computer. Even if bionic eye is created connecting it to the brain is still not possible.

red square 12. It is safe to watch Sun while wearing sunglasses

Solar ultraviolet light is very strong to penetrate through sunglasses and can damage the cornea, retina and sensitive eye lens. If you try looking at the sun, you will get a headache and temporary distortion of vision. Never look even at the solar eclipse. Direct sunlight can make a person blind in less than a minute.

red square 13. Nothing can be done to prevent loss of vision

Good knowledge, healthy life style and careful attitude towards eyes can help you protect most precious body part. If you have any problems with eyesight, you should immediately contact an ophthalmologist. If eye disease is detected at an early stage of development, it can be either prevented or slow down. So start caring your eyes to preserve their good natural health. You get Eyes just once in your life and there is no second chance if you loose or damage them.

red square 14. Wearing Glasses can affect Vision in long time

Wearing glasses will never worsen your eyesight in long time else not wearing them will do.

red square 15. To improve vision, eat more carrots and spinach

Eating more carrots and spinach does no good to your vision. It is better to add small amount of carrots, spinach, tomatoes and oranges in your daily balanced diet menu to gain optimum benefit. Only a small portion of Vitamin A, contained in the carrots, can help you maintian a good vision. Excessive use of anything can affect your health.