Fenugreekis a wonder herb that is widely known to help promote the production of breast milk in lactating mothers, control cholesterol, and lower levels of blood sugar. It is also today becoming popular as a bodybuilding and breast enhancement supplement. So far, fenugreek for weight loss is the least-known function of this over-achieving herb, and that is precisely why we have seen fit to discuss it below.

About Fenugreek

Also known as Goat’s Horn, Bird’s Foot and Greek Hay, fenugreek is an upright herb that thrives in the mild Mediterranean climates typical to countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Egypt and China. It is easy to grow as long as it is planted in a wide and open area. It doesn’t need nitrogen fertilizer, but in fact nourishes the surrounding soil with nitrogen as it grows. It matures to as tall as 2 feet, and grows white blossoms that produce bean pods with ten to twenty seeds. The seeds are very nutritional as a medicinal herb and savory as a spice. It’s been traditionally used around the world for a number of purposes and consumed raw or roasted. Today, it’s commercialized as capsules, teas and extracts.

About Weight Loss

In these times when so much attention is given to the body, everybody wants to lose weight. At the same time, everybody is having a difficult time doing it. This is when several herbal supplements are employed. There are so many of them, and fenugreek has entered into the mix.

How Fenugreek Can Help in Losing Weight

The tiny fenugreek seeds are found to have a good amount of fiber, and this is considered good for people who want to cut down on the calories. After all, when that much fiber is ingested, the stomach swells and so the person gets a feeling of fullness and satiety, making him or her not want to eat any fatty foods.

This is how to prepare the seeds: soak at least 10 grams of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and let it stay overnight. Early the next day, chew the seeds with water before eating anything else. Soak some more in the morning, and likewise chew the seeds 30 minutes before having dinner. The idea is to lose appetite but not lose important nutrition, since the seeds are very nutritious and, in fact, medicinal.

As in any kind of human endeavor, herbal supplements cannot work alone. To effectively lose weight, a person should at the same time watch what he or she is eating. A healthy and balanced meal is essential. This includes cereals, grains, pulses, beans, vegetables and fruits. Weight watchers must never starve themselves and risk their health.  One must also avoid eating fatty and oily foods, junk foods, processed foods, sweets and alcohol, as well as unhealthy habits as smoking and lack of sleep. Weight-watchers need to drink plenty of water to satisfy thirst, which is often mistaken as hunger. Often, a glass of water could satisfy a need that is often filled up with food.

Finally, to aid the effects of fenugreek for weight loss, one must regularly exercise. It is very helpful to jog or simply walk for at least 15 minutes a day until you can do more than 30 minutes. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Choose any kind of exercise that is enjoyable and may be done on a regular basis. Some sample activities are swimming, table tennis, lawn tennis or brisk walking.