Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips Causes

Following are the causes of chapped, cracked or dry lips Over exposure to the cold or windy conditions, Over exposure to the sun, Allergies to cosmetic products, Infections, Drugs, Dehydration, Kawasaki disease, Macrocytosis, Riboflavin deficiency, Sjogren’s syndrome, Frequent use of soaps and other chemicals, Deficiency of vitamin A, B and C, Smoking, History of skin disorder When the lips are chapped or dry do not attempt to lick them, this will make you feel better only for short time. Once the saliva evaporates the condition will worsen. Your lips could be in problem because of your ill-fitting dentures, in such case consult your dentist. In severe cases, where there is excessive cracking, dryness and redness, one can use a medicated lip balm. It is best to avoid using flavored chapsticks and balms as this could induce frequent licking. One can also protect the lips from sun exposure and cold, dry winds by covering the mouth with a scarf when going outdoors. Increasing the humidity in the house can also alleviate chapped lips. It helps to wash the mouth frequently and then follow it up with an application of lip balm. In some cases, the condition may worsen so much that bleeding may also occur. In such cases, one must consult a doctor. Prescription lip balms may then be used to treat the condition.

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Cracked, Chapped and Dry Lips Remedies

There are different methods one could use when considering ways on how to cure dry lips. Following are the remedies for dry, chapped or cracked lips. Apply glossy lipstick on you lips, Use unflavored lip balm on your lips, Avoid flavored tooth paste, Use a humidifier to humidify your lips, Increase intake of water and other non alcoholic liquids, Rub cucumber slice on your lips, Apply margosa leaf extract on your lips, Put some aloe vera gel on your lips, Take a saline bath. One of the most effective chapped and dry lips remedies involves a routine of exfoliating and moisturizing the lips. Exfoliation must be done by gently rubbing the lips. One can also make use of a soft toothbrush or cloth. It is important not to pick the dry and dead skin from the surface of the lips as this can cause bleeding. After exfoliation, the lips must be moisturized using a moisturizer or balm. This can be done at night before going to bed. This regimen must be followed especially during the winter months as the lips are affected the most at this time. Those who apply makeup will benefit from applying a coat of lip balm before putting on lipstick. This will prevent dryness and chapping. It will also help to protect the lips from the chemical content of the lipstick. It is also beneficial to use lipsticks with a moisturizer base. One should also not use too much of lipstick as this can block the pores.

There are a variety of simple natural treatments for a chapped and dry lips cure. These are home remedies for dry lips which make use of natural ingredients. Massaging the lips with a mixture of milk cream, lime juice and rose water helps to keep the lips nourished and moisturized.

The lips may be kept soft during the day by applying some cocoa butter. Honey is a nourishing natural substance that prevents drying of the lips. Protecting the lips with a coat of glycerin and wheat germ oil helps to prevent moisture loss. Vitamin E oil may also be added. One can also apply a paste of mashed papaya to the lips and surrounding areas. Allow the papaya to remain on for about ten minutes and then rinse. Papaya is known to contain certain exfoliating enzymes which help to keep the lips soft and help as an effective cure for dry lips. In order to keep the lips hydrated, it is also necessary to drink plenty of water. Low water levels in the body can also be one of the causes of dry lips because of dehydration. Dehydration can be one of the causes of dry lips and mouths in adults and children as well.

There are plenty of home remedies for dry and cracked lips and one such remedy that you can use even during pregnancy to treat the problem whether the causes are a fungus or bacterial or viral, or simply because of a skin condition like dryness or because of the weather. Dryness of the lips can also be treated by applying a mixture of rose petals and milk. This also helps the lips to retain their pinkness. To reduce dryness and ease pain and discomfort, one can also gently rub a slice of cucumber over the lips. The juice of margosa leaves is known to be effective in healing chapped and dry lips. The juice can be extracted by grinding some margosa leaves. Another beneficial natural remedy for chapped lips is aloe vera. The gel of aloe vera leaves can be extracted and applied to the lips and surrounding skin. Vitamin A deficiencies can lead to dry skin. It is essential to consume foods rich in vitamin A such as tomatoes, legumes, carrots, green leafy vegetables and whole grains. Iron and B complex vitamin deficiencies can also lead to dry lips. One can consume foods rich in these nutrients or consult a doctor regarding the intake of nutritional supplements. Some people tend to drool while sleeping and this can dry out the lips and worsen the problem. Applying a coat of zinc oxide ointment before sleeping will work as a protective barrier for the lips.

Vitamin A rich diet

Vitamin A is very important for the growth and repair of the skin. See to it that your diet provides you with sufficient quantity of vitamin A. Carrots, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables are the good sources of vitamin A.

Other Diet

Make a vitamin rich juice by adding 1 tbsp. of water cress, carrot and spinach juice, 2 tbsp. wheat germ oil, one glass of tomato juice, and 1 tbsp. of nutritional yeast. Eat whole grains, legumes and nutritional yeast.

Clean your lips with rose water n just put a thick layer of boro-plus in the night before sleeping and in the morning wipe it up…you will see the difference whole day.Just apply milk cream to your lips at bedtime for atleast 15 mins, and then wash it off. This will give a soothing effect, prevent cracks on the lips. If you want to add color to your lips, add a small drop of turmeric to the cream. The colour of lips will be maintained.

Most chapped lips are actually because the saliva has digestive enzymes that “eat” the skin on the lips. Then bacteria takes over, causing the itching and irritation. I’ve found that balms actually extend chapped lips conditions. The best cure I’ve found is applying hydrogen peroxide to the lips. Sometimes the lips are cured and silky smooth the next morning.

I developed severely chapped and dry lips. I discovered a combination of blistex medicated lip ointment spf15 and vaseline to be the best in term of pain relief, moisturizing and promotion of healing. I use this day and night and my lips are slowly but surely coming back to normal.