Kids Yoga Poses: Help Them To Increase Their Concentration Levels

Kids Yoga Poses: The simplest yoga postures for kids before their studies

Our fast paced modern lives are stressful even for kids. There is constant pressure on them to excel in their studies and social life. To help relieve kids from some of this tension, yoga is a wonderful, drug-free way to go.

Yoga is well-renowned for its healing benefits that aid you mentally and emotionally. This ancient therapy was founded in India around 5000 years ago and has spread its reach far and wide now.

For kids specially, there are several meditative poses they can follow that will help them increase their concentration levels. Make sure your kids are wearing loose fitting clothing so that they feel comfortable.

The first type of meditation pose is the half lotus pose or the Ardha Padmasana. In this pose, you need to be seated on the floor with your back straight. Cross any one leg of yours over the other such that it touches the opposite thigh. Keep your eyes shut and free your mind of any thoughts. This is a relatively easy pose for kids to do as it does not involve a lot of stretching. Try keeping this pose for at least 15 minutes so that your mind is calm and has the ability to concentrate. Make sure the kid does not perform any meditative activity while lying down. This could lead the kid to fall asleep and would defeat the purpose of meditation.

A simple variation of this pose is the full lotus pose or the Padmasana where you cross both legs over each other. This pose is equally effective in raising concentration and awareness levels.
If your kid is stressed, a useful, yet simple yoga posture is the cat pose or the Bidalasana. For this pose, you need to kneel down on the floor. Then place your palms flat on the floor. Make your back horizontal and flat, while gazing down at the floor. After this, arch your back up and down several times, while keeping your abdominal muscles tight. This pose provides your entire body with a stretch thus relieving any tension there might be in different muscles and joints. Thus, it is a good pose for relaxation. To make this pose even more effective, try Ujjayi breathing while performing this pose. For Ujjayi breathing, you need to take in full deep breaths through both your nostrils. This will fill your body with oxygen and calm down all your senses.