As we age, fine lines under the eye are common. For many it may not be cause of concern as they consider it as a natural process. However, there are others who may not like to have lines or marks under their eyes. Especially for women it’s a terrifying dream. They consider fine lines below their eyes as an impingement in their beautiful look.

Besides, having the lines under their eyes may make a person look much older than he or she is. Fine lines under the eyes are first to appear as aging process, this is because the skin under the eye is most delicate and thin.

What Causes Fine Lines Under Eyes?

Besides the natural cause such as aging, there are many other causes where a person may have premature fine lines or marks under their eyes. Let us know various factors attributing fine lines under the eyes. Knowing the reasons will aid you to prevent fine lines from developing.

As a person ages, the elastin and collagen that maintains the skin support, breaks down. The regeneration of skin cells also starts slowing down. The skin becomes drier and it loses its elasticity. All these factors attribute for development of fine lines under the eyes.

Smokers are known to have premature wrinkling and fine lines on their face. People who work or are exposed to sunlight for long duration are susceptible for early fine lines under their eyes. A squint also gets premature wrinkling and fine lines under his eyes than those who do not have this eye abnormality. Irregular sleeping habits and insomnia can also trigger early fine lines.

Home Remedies For Fine Lines Wrinkles Under The Eyes

While some people spend lot of money on salons and parlor for getting rid of fine lines below their eyes, there are simpler options that are economical for your wallet. These home remedies are as efficient as any other cosmetic process. Let us know few of these important home remedies.

  • Castor oil: apply castor oil around the eye and gently massage the area. Castor oil is a good moisturizer. It nourishes the delicate area under the eye. You can add egg white to castor for extra benefit.
  • Coconut milk: a gentle massage with coconut milk around the eye relaxes the underlying skin tissue as well helps in proper circulation.
  • The middle portion of pineapple is known to diminish the fine lines under the eye. Rub it lightly over the fine lines regularly.
  • To keep your skin well moisturized drink enough water daily. Let the skin remain well hydrated.
  • Certain yoga exercises are known to decrease fine lines and prevent them from occurring.

Other treatment option known to successfully treat fine lines include laser therapy, skin peeling and dermabrasion. All these procedures are done by professionals.

Preventing Lines And Wrinkles Below The Eyes

To prevent these fine lines in the first place you should follow the following necessary steps:

  • Protect your face and skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun by wearing a hat or applying sunscreen or by wearing glasses.
  • Avoid unhealthy lifestyle. Do not smoke as it is considered to be an important factor for premature aging.
  • Keep the skin around the eye well moisturized. Apply a moisturizer and massage the area regularly if you want to reduce the fine lines.
  • Remove the makeup from your face once you come home. Do not keep it overnight. While removing, apply gentle cleanser
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