Tips to Reduce Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Not enough rest and sleep deprivation may have an impact on the health and appearance of the eyes. Dark circles around the eyes can result when the skin in that area is very thin. Dark circles are accentuated when the person is tired.

Home Remedies For Dark Circles:

Raw, cold potato slices: Apply raw, cold potato slices over the eyelids keeping your eyes closed. When the potato warms, change for a new slice.

Chamomile infusion: Make a chamomile tea. Soak a few cotton swabs in the infusion and apply on your closed eyes. Try leaving them on overnight.

Kiwi: Place kiwi slices on the eyes for about 20 minutes.

Fresh cucumber slices: Apply fresh cucumber slices to closed eyes.

Green apple slices: Apply green apple slices to reduce dark circles around the eyelids.

Apple sauce plaster: Boil an apple and puree. Apply apple plasters on closed eyes and let work for 40 minutes.

Every night: Half cup of wheat germ oil, half a cup of peach oil, 50 g of lanolin. Put the lanolin and the oils in a container. Place container in a water bath over low heat. Apply every night.

Aloe Vera and cucumber: Aloe vera pulp and cucumber. Gently rub a little aloe vera pulp under each eye. Cover with a cucumber slice.

1 carrot and 1/2 cucumber: Grate carrot and cucumber and place them on a gauze. Put over closed eyes.

Turmeric and pineapple juice: Make a cream with an Oriental spice called turmeric mixed with pineapple juice. Apply to dark circles.

Almond or castor oils: Every night before bedtime apply castor or sweet almonds oils to dark circles. You will see an improvement in two weeks.