Herbal treatment for Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Heart Attack is known medically as Myocardial Infarction and about one and a half million people die of it in the US alone. The heart could be damaged from birth or it could be inherited; however, whatever the issue this disease is fatal and life threatening. It s imperative to know the symptoms of a heart attack to avoid any untoward incidence; the symptoms of an approaching heart attack are “Chest discomfort – pressure, compress, pain, briefness of breath, uneasiness in the upper body – arms, shoulder, neck, back, queasiness, vomiting, giddiness, light headedness and being  anxious”.

Garlic is a proven herbal treatment for a heart attack as it dissolves the blood clots and helps the heart to function normally. An ailing person should make it a habit to eat raw garlic everyday and they should eat atleast 6 cloves to resolve the symptoms of any heart disease. The drinking of green tea is also an effective herbal treatment for a heart attack. Green tea should be drunk thrice daily and the risk of a heart attack would fade away in a week. These herbal treatments are age old and need no authentic proof; as the people who have benefited from it would swear an oath for it.