Cataract, is a common problem after a certain age and aniseed powder is of great help in this malady; however it needs to taken in powdered form at the beginning of the day and before bedtime (1 tsp). Babul which is colloquial to Acacia Arabica in the English dialect is very good in treating sore eyes or conjunctivitis; however, it should be made certain that a paste of these herbs or rather its leaves should be applied on the eye lids before tuning in for the night. This aids in reducing the puffiness, redness and the itchy sensation of the eyes and the vitamin responsible for this vitamin A.

Eye Care

Eye Care

Another natural ingredient is carrot or Daucus carota for eye care and its propensities are taught to school going children. Since carrots contain beta-carotene or vitamin A; this combats against blindness of the night. Similarly coriander, incidentally its botanical name is Coriadrum sativum can be used as an eye wash in case of sore eyes or conjunctivitis. This should be concocted with Luke warm water and used as an eye wash, whenever required, as it helps in reducing the redness and inflammation of the infected eyes.

Amla or the English name for it is Indian gooseberry and the botanical name for it is Emblica offcinalis; however the juice of it should be imbibed with honey to treat any sort of eye ailment. The length of the treatment would depend upon the acuteness of the ailment of course. Yet another good remedy for eye problems is the juice of Indian sorrel or Oxalis corniculata; incidentally this grows wild in many tropical countries and a few droplets of it into the eyes is good in preventing any unforeseen eye ailment and by the way it is good in treating cataract aswell. For eye care Marigold flower juice is very good if used on a daily basis as an eye wash, in the same way the juice of Parsley does the same. However, it may be vitamin A is very good for the betterment of vision, so it should be included in the staple diet of of the family; as a preventive measure for the avoidance of any eye problems.