When there is an infection on the nails of your hands or legs and the nail in question discolors; in all probability it is a fungal infection. This is a very painful malady and the infected nails tend to thicken and break easily. The sight of nails becomes ghastly and very repulsive and on many occasions there is a foul smell from the nails.



These fungal infection happen to people who are exposed to humid or moist environs; like living in a tropical country. It is incorrect to think that athletes foot and fungal infection of the nails of the foot are one and the same thing. Though, they may transpire simultaneously and be caused by the same fungus. Nonetheless, there are certain potent remedies for nail fungus and they can be tried on both hand and toenails.

Nail fungus treatment involves the usage of hydrogen peroxide and bleach. Out of both these, bleach is most common for toenail fungal infection. Another cure for nail fungus is the usage of baking soda. Over the counter nail fungus remedies are quite good also; if these remedies do have the desired effect, then it a must to see a doctor to avoid further complications. These remedies have befitted many people who have gone through the ordeal of nail fungus; without too much ado. Some of them have had the need to go to a doctor because they did not heed the imperativeness of the whole ailment.

However, it has been reported that an equal mixture of synthetic vinegar and hydrogen peroxide is a very good treatment for nail fungus infection. In the medical world this ailment is called Onychomycosis and it affects the toenails more, this is not common in fingernails. Only if you have comprehensive knowledge about the ailment, you should try medications other than the ones which are mentioned in this article.