10 Ways Gentle Yoga Can Keep You Healthy


Yoga has been around for quite a long time. Due to the strenuous fast lane of the society, people forget to give their bodies some time off and relaxation. Straining the body makes it less credible to work if left untreated with proper repose.

You may think that yoga may require a lot of complex gymnast-stretching exercise which causes you to have wrong notions about it. As a matter of fact, yoga can be performed by any type of people; it is both simple and beneficial to the human body. For people who prefer not to strain their bodies with too much applied resistance for certain reasons such as pregnant women, old aged people, less flexible people, and physically disabled or injured people, gentle yoga is the perfect type of yoga for them.

Because gentle yoga is a much lighter application of yoga, it is perfect for those who prefer less intensity. Gentle yoga is less straining to the muscles but it is just as beneficial to one’s health as yoga itself can be. There are certain ways to benefit from gentle yoga.

1.  Promotes Body Flexibility

Gentle yoga can also promote a body’s flexibility just as yoga can. The difference is that as the body begins to perform yoga, only gradual application of stretching will be applied. This will enable the body to loose the stiff regions and accumulate total body relaxation through various techniques such as deep breathing. The winning part here is that when you allow your body to flex, you open your body to possibilities to be able to flex more.

2.  Muscle Toner

Just as yoga can tone up your muscles, gentle yoga can as well. Although flexing exercises are gradually reduced, there is still resistance being applied on the body within the exercise. Muscles are still receiving proper straining. Thus, this results to having your muscles toned with less efforts applied.

3.  Unwinding Practice

By practicing this type of yoga, you can reward your body some time for relaxation by letting it recharge its energy. Achieving optimal energy recharge requires the body to free from stress and let it loosen up instead. By warding off both the body and mind from consuming too much energy, you can be able to do body recharging successfully.

4.  Mind Serenity

Gentle yoga is as gentle as its name. Practice yoga to fend your mind off from stressful thoughts. Surely this type of yoga will enable you to clear your mind and achieve tranquility.

5.  Keeps you Focused

Not only does gentle yoga require bodily effort. This type of yoga enables you to practice your mind to get more focused. Practicing the mind to focus will give your being a sense of order and fulfillment.

6.  Reduces Stress

Due to the need for modern day rush, we acquire oxidative stress that is absolutely harmful to human body. Physical exercises such as gentle yoga enable the body to be free from stress, and let it restore to its state of wellness.

7.  Develops Blood Flow

Gentle yoga can contribute to your body’s improved blood flow since this type of yoga is consist of stretching exercises and postures that help regulate the flow of blood throughout the whole body.

8.  Mind Meditation

This type of yoga will enable your mind to practice concentration and stillness in order to acquire inner peace.

9.  Improves Breathing

Gentle yoga also concentrates on respiratory improvement or breathing. Breathing practices can help improve the functionality of respiratory organs and also contribute to one’s relaxation.

10.  Prevents Chronic Diseases

Stress contributes to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer . As a form of a non-aerobic practice, gentle yoga can help prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases since it strips away many types of stress.