Kripalu Yoga and Amazing Health Benefits


Kripalu is a form of hatha yoga that gently deals with meditation, physical healing and transformation of spirit that runs over our everyday life as well as their importance. This form of yoga was generally based on the practice and ideas of a world-renowned yoga expert, Swami Kripalu and can be best describe as the reciprocity of your physical body, mind and energy.

Here are some of the health benefits that Kripalu Yoga has to offer:

  • Speed up the process of healing of damage cells
  • Eliminate stress
  • Help to increase the level of your energy
  • Ensures proper the distribution of oxygen inside your body
  • Maintain the good level of your blood pressure
  • Help to increase the level of your endurance
  • Improves your body’s flexibility

Every Kripalu students can learn how to find their own level of practice in any given time just by looking inward. This form of yoga workout usually begins with series of breathing exercises, which accompanied by stretching to properly condition your body before doing the actual Kripalu exercise. In this way, you can clear all the troubles that run around your mind and let you focus on the exercise better. After series of gentle stretching, you will need to do several individual poses for a few minutes and then final relaxation poses.

Kripalu workout focuses in two important aspect of your well-being, to your physical and spiritual strength. And since this exercise uses such gentle and individualized method, Kripalu is one of the most recommended yoga exercises for aged people and for those who are suffering from weight problems. According to preliminary evidence and results comprehensive studies done over the years, experts believe that Kripalu Yoga was designed to support the process of healing your mind-body schism while it deals with many other problems concerning weight.