Fennel is one herb with is edible and perennial, even when it is raw and in the Indian vernacular it is called sauf; though its botanical name is Foeniculum vulgare and the resemblance is to dill. Incidentally, fennel seeds are found and sown in almost every part of the world, though; fennel benefits have been reaped by its originating countries like India, the Middle East and Pakistan for ages now. Contemporarily the largest grower of fennel is America, followed by Russia and France; the Greeks in ancient times connected fennel with Dionysus, who incidentally happened to be the God of feast and wine.

Fennel Benefits

Fennel Benefits

Fennel or fennel seeds are said to have vitalizing propensities and fennel benefits include the improving of vision and weight loss; though, over eating may lead to hallucinations and seizures. There are untold fennel benefits like it is abundant in Vitamins and Minerals. The bulb of the fennel plant is rich in Vitamin C and aids in the reduction of cholesterol, apart from detoxifying the system. Incidentally, fennel seeds are rich in potassium which reduces the chance of a stroke. It, is advised not to consume the fat of the fennel plant as it is toxic and can give rise to rashes, heaving and even nausea.

There are very may benefits of fennel and cuts and bruises can be treated by the extract of fennel seeds. Ailments like cellulitis, water retention, detoxification, obesity and ulcer of the mouth can be treated with fennel. There have authentic reports by people claiming that fennel benefits include relief from asthma and even bronchitis; however you would need to inhale the steam of fennel seeds for this. From time immemorial people in the Eastern hemisphere of the globe have chewed fennel seeds to give impetus to their digestion after a heavy meal. People in lesser towns use the fennel seed to rid children of worms. The imbibing of the mixture of fennel is good for the general wellbeing of the body. All you need to do is to grind a tsp of fennel seeds and mix it with water (no metal please), then boil the same and cool it; it is suggested to imbibe 2 or 3 cups of this decoction on a daily basis. Just to let you know that the pulverized version of the seeds of fennel keeps away fleas.