Tasting good is only one of the virtues of blueberries; though it is a small fruit and the age old saying of good things come in small packages, comes true as far as the propensities of blueberries go. Foods contain oxidants and blueberries have the propensity to ward off these oxidants, thereby keeping you fit and young. Incidentally, to know and measure the antioxidant level in any food is known as ORAC or oxygen radical absorbance capacity. The phytochemicals in blueberry helps to combat aging and the regular consumption of blueberries can reduce aging drastically. However, to get the best results it is advised to consume fresh blueberries.



Blueberry, is supposed to top the list of 20 fruits in ORAC ratings and it is called blueberry because of its color and the pigmentation is due to an agent called Anthocayanins. This agent is also responsible for the curative propensities of this fruit. This fruit can boost one’s memory and make the mind younger; alongside improving vision and combating cancer or carcinoma. People with blood sugar or diabetes are suggested to consume blueberry in juice form or whatever. Since, this fruit is good for the heart; it can reduce the cholesterol level in a person’s body and make the blood vessels strong.

This fruit is very good for people suffering from joint disorders’ such as arthritis etc, since it is a natural anti-inflammatory. Fresh blueberries help in combating ailments like cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. The other benefit of the consumption of fresh blueberries is the rejuvenation of the urinary tract. The further deterioration of eye sight can be averted by the regular usage of fresh blueberries. There are untold benefits of this fruit and these days the benefits of this fruit are available in capsule form, because of its powdered version. Incidentally, the consumption of this fruit in any form is good in getting rid of obesity. However, firsthand experience is the best, so go ahead and try some blueberries and feel younger. One bit of information is that this fruit grows wild; however it could be cultivated also.